TF: Fall Of Cybertron Grimlock Origins Explained

The director of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron, Matt Tieger, has been talking to Metro and has explained the orgins of Grimlock – just how does a T-Rex end up on Cybertron?

Shockwave creates a space bridge to prehistoric Earth so he can rip the energy from the planet to revitalise Cybertron.


He sends probes through and he sees these lifeforms, these dinosaurs. Shockwave, as I’ve said, the mad scientist. So he captures a few Autobots and frankly he experiments.

In this cosmology he’s the progenitor of the Insecticons. There are some denizens of Cybertron in the below ground areas that he then converts into the known Insections.

The next evolution of that is that some Autobots get captured – Grimlock and his team – and get converted into these dinosaur forms.

Note the word ‘team’ – sounds like we will get to see – if not play – the full set of Dinobots in the game. Matt goes on to explain that we we be able to play as Bruticus and some of the individual Combaticons including Vortex in his helicopter mode.

The game is described as looking stunning, ‘far superior to War For Cybertron,’ and some sections of the game are ‘colossal’ and use largest possible map that can be created in the Unreal engine.

Source: Metro



  1. This just may be the game I’m most looking forward to. I really hope it turns out well.

    I guess that explanation is better than nothing, I don’t know enough about the Transformers mythos to be able to judge.

    Glad to hear that the visuals are awesome :)

  2. i was wondering about Grimlock’s alt mode if this is set before they came to earth.
    that sounds like a decent explanation, shockwave and the dinobots have often had dealings in the other incarnations Transformers.

    if i recall ratchet brought them up out of a tar pit they’d been in for millions of years to fight shockwave.
    who had at that time assumed leadership of the decepticons and captured all the other autobots.

    i remember that story pretty well because there was a great bit where Ratchet tried to rescue the other autobots, who had at this point been reduced to just their heads, and came up against Megatron.
    he was outmatched having only surgical tools to fight with.
    he ended up making a desperate deal with megatron because he knew how shockwave was beaten before, the dinobots.


    i was wondering who that gestalt was from the trailer, the combaticons were a bit after my time so i’m not real familiar with them.

    i have read one version of the Transformers where the dinobots had a messed up gestalt mode, it was a single issue thing that i think was given away with one of the toys.
    i wonder if this incarnation of the Dinobots will have a gestalt mode.
    that would be cool.

    lastly, it good to see somebody else who knows the universal greeting. ^_^

    • nope, there was an eruption at Autobot HQ and it uncovered some previously buried dino skeletons. Ratchet used those as the basis for the dinobots. Shockwave was not even in Season 1 as he was stranded on cybertron and did not converse with earth trapped cybers till season 2

      • i remember those episodes
        that was the cartoon version, i was talking about the marvel comic book series.

        they started out the same but they diverged quite substantially pretty quickly.

  3. Sounds interesting, war for cybertron didn’t quite reel me in, but this sounds much better…

  4. want this game its gonna be epic
    i like the shockwave story for grimlock very good cover. think the other dinobots are gonna be swoop and slag but i hope they do snarl and sludge too and looking forward to seeing the combaticons ( as i do own a G1 bruticus )

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