Alan Wake Getting PC Release

360 exclusive title Alan Wake is coming to PC, developer Remedy has announced.

The 2010 release has been slated for a Q1 2012 release on Steam, with DLC packs The Signal and The Writer included in the package.


Remedy has also released a single screenshot for the PC version, which sums up the atmosphere of the game perfectly:

Dark wooded area? Check. Torch? Check. One very out-of-shape writer? Check.

An early 2012 release  of the original adventure should help to put old Alan back into the public eye, just in time for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, right Remedy?

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Already have this on the 360, but god I bet this game will look nice on PC…

    Maybe when it’s on offer…

  2. Not owning an Xbox myself, seeing now this game is coming to PC i may pick it up. It’d looked really good, i may also wait until it’s on offer first tho …

    • Same for me. Don’t have a 360 but very interested in the game. The price will decide whether I get this on release or if I wait for it to go on sale.

  3. This game was the only reason I would have bought a 360. Now that it is coming to PC I won’t have to :)

    This game would have sold much better if it was on the PS3, the 360 just isn’t the right market for this kind of game

    • There’s a lot better reasons to pick up a 360!

      • You’re kidding, right?

      • YOU are kidding, right?

      • Well i love me my Forza 4 and Mass Effect (originally got the 360S for Mass Effect), but i can’t put any of those above Alan Wake, it’s a masterpiece (if you forget the DLC).

    • Same here, no reason for the 360 for me now :)

    • Me too, I always wanted it on PS3…

    • For those looking forward to this, if you can look past it’s problems, then sure, you’ll enjoy it.

      However, I wouldn’t get my expectations up too much with this game. It’s super atmospheric and really pretty (sooo pretty), but there are alot of problems, though honestly, it’s mainly the super douchy writing. At times, I literally cringed at how bad it was, it was just so self indulgent. Penny Arcade even made a comic about it:
      (for those that don’t read penny arcade, the brown haired one is a writer)

      • I thought the biggest problem was the DLC really. The main game shapes up quite nicely.

      • I think it’s rather a problem with people who can’t simply enjoy the media (see ParaMedic’s “Earth vs The Spider” SAVE DATA dialogue in MGS3). If you’re one of those people however, you are probably already aware that you’ll be picking on stuff, so there’s no need of spoilers. :)

  4. it was a decent game, not quite the masterpiece ms hyped it into but a better than average horror game.

    will it still sell well this long after the xbox version though?
    hopefully it’ll do well.

    • I do hope so, it’s the original Max Payne developers, and from what I’ve read, they’ve not been doing brilliantly financially lately…

      I almost want to buy it again just for that reason. Max Payne was a masterpiece.

  5. Might buy it if the price is right

  6. I’ll get it – when it’s massively on sale.

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