New Trailer for Duke Nukem Forever – The Doctor Who Cloned Me

‘The Doctor Who Cloned Me’ single player DLC for Duke Nukem Forever should be out today, costing 800 MSP or $9.99. This sees about 3 hours of new content, and the chance to see Spanish/French/German versions of Duke Nukem.

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of DNF, but this DLC actually looks like a bit of a laugh. Check out the trailer below.

Source: Gamefront



  1. Doctor Who?

    • Doubt it, that’s for kids.

    • The title is a play on words between the doctor and bond.

  2. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve heard it’s more consistent and tightly scripted than the full game (which I actually enjoyed anyway).

    A definite buy for me

  3. I quite enjoyed the main game but i’ll hold out for a deal on all the dlc.

  4. I’m surprised that they are even doing DLC for DNF considering it bombed pretty hard. It looks good and seems to be returning to the proper Duke style. If it weren’t for the average gameplay that you see in every generic FPS and the average story, i would have probably picked it up.

    I wonder if 2K are going to do what Bioware did with DA2 and try to fix the mistakes via DLC? (The DLC for DA2 is said to closer to DAO in terms of banter and storyish).

    • Actually, although reviews weren’t great it sold pretty well

  5. The demo for the full game made me feel ill, I’ll go ahead and avoid this..

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