The Last Of Us Artwork Shows Human Enemies And Giggling

A triplet of The Last Of Us concept art has surfaced which shows that the two protagonists certainly won’t be alone in their battle for survival.

Which is good, because it wouldn’t be a terribly interesting game if they were.


Look out for deer wandering around, the duo giggling and a dark bit in a shop with a bloke with a stick.

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  1. I like the deer, its a nice touch.
    be interesting to see if its free roam with wildlife everywhere in the environment..

    • Yeah, somehow i doubt an ND game will be free roam, but there’s never a no. That might be a great idea though..

  2. Not sure if it was confirmed or not, but the setting looks like San Francisco or at least based on the area. Love the third pic.

  3. This is looking good so far, the fact that these ‘infected’ people aren’t taking such a prominent role is hopefully gonna result in a lot of tension building. Looks good to me atm.

  4. These concept art pics remind me of “The Road”. Know this has been said a few million times before but I didnt really see it until now.

  5. Now I wanr it more. This looks great.

  6. The Concept hard is hard to admire when it’s at the original, 58.5MP.

  7. The amount of detail in the artwork is great. I hope they are able to convert that into the game.

  8. i’m guessing moments like that portrayed in the first picture are few and far between for those two.

    where all the gunplay and high powered weaponry are replaced with debates about the nature of reality.


    • bloody hell, that’s what you get when you’re replying to two articles at once.

      ignore the second sentence, it’s part of another comment.

  9. Pretty pictures, it just needs a colossal fire-spewing dragon swooping down to feast on those deer and it would be perfect ;)

  10. Looks really great and is making me want to know more.

    • Me to! love that third sketch its Beautiful

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