(UPDATE)Rumour: Next Gen Xbox Launching 2013, Head Designer Replaced

A story over at CNET is claiming that a ‘source on the Xbox team’ has confirmed that the next gen Xbox will launch in 2013.

The article also claims that Microsoft has replaced Don Coyner, who led the Xbox design team since the first console. According to sources, he was replaced by Emma Williams, who was part of the team that designed the new Xbox Live interface.

Microsoft has at the moment declined to comment on the next gen Xbox and regarding Don Coyner said, “We don’t comment on personnel issues.”

Rumours about the next gen Xbox have been growing recently with some claiming it will be revealed at E3 2012. As usual with these stories, it’s best to wait until we get official confirmation.

Source: CNET


I received a statement from Microsoft about this story:

As an innovator we’re always thinking about what is next and how we can push the boundaries of technology like we did with Kinect. We believe the key to extending the lifespan of a console is not just about the console hardware, but about the games and entertainment experiences being delivered to consumers. Beyond that we don’t comment on rumors or speculation.

So, no comment.



  1. Hmm, as someone who is not a fan of the new Live interface I’m not sure how this fares for the 720. As always, let’s wait and see.

    • Please, please don’t call it the 720!

      • That’s its codename. Until MS come out and officially name it, it’s the best (and most succinct way) of referring to it.

      • how about the poobox instead? ;-) just joking.

  2. I think there biggest quandary is probably what to call it. At least Sony can always fall back on the incremental number increases.

    • Yeah, xbox, then xbox 360 was an odd name choice in my opinion..

  3. So PS4 in 2014.

    • My thought exactly.

      Time to go looking for that second job to afford it.

  4. After getting the vita in Feb there no chance i’ll be buying any other consoles next year.

    I think the next gen should wait until there is a significant leap in internet infrastructure.

    • Well, technically there has already been that, it just depends on where you live. It’s not something that a hardware manufacturer can account for.

  5. What exactly can the 720/neXtbox/whatever really bring to the table in 2013? A better graphics card? Okay. Bigger Hard drive and RAM? Alright. But thats it. Hardware hasn’t progressed far enough for me to think about investing in a new console yet. Not until the next Gen of TV’s are arriving would I think about the next gen of consoles. The best it could hit is 1080p at 60fps and a handfull of games are hitting that now on the current gen. Knowing MS though, they will produce something slightly better than the 360, market it like its a life changing leap forward and it will get gobbled up by the masses.

    • I don’t think the next step beyond 1080p is anywhere near. They show UltraHD displays every now and then to brag at electronic conventions but the prices are ridiculous and not ready for the mass market. If you’re waiting for something like that to happen then I suppose you’re going to wait a long time for them to cater for your needs.
      While some games currently are able to run at 1080p at 60 fps they are certainly the minority by a very large margin. By upping the specs to current standards I’m sure the graphics could make a huge leap. No more sub 720p games running at 30 fps with pop up textures and graphical glitches. Game environments can be filled with more details and graphics that surpass Uncharted and the likes are the minimum standard. What’s not to like?

      • Totally agree. The two PS3 games that are, for me, a cut above the rest graphically are WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD: and they’re both 1080p/60fps games. If that became the standard, I’d be very happy.

      • The vast majority of games console releases are driven by techniogical advances else where in other markets. The PS3 has helped the adaption of Blu-Ray, HD TV’s and now 3DTv’s as well as opening a new path to digitally distribute their movies and audio. UltraHD TV’s arnt too far off. 3DTV’s were selling for extortionate prices less than a year ago and now they are virutally the same price as a HD LED TV.
        IMO its almost lunacy to spend big money on a new console when its nothing more than a beefed up PS360.
        The next Gen will have to be future proofed for the UltraHD TV’s because they are but a few years away from becoming affordable and the new standard of “must have” quality. If thats the case then great, but releasing a console just so every game can run at 1080p and 60fps is a waste of time when it would be debunked in a year or so time.

      • Unfortunately, Ultra HD seems to be too far off to wait for it to arrive. A quick google search uncovered that UHD TV marketshare across Europe is expected to be at 5% by 2021.
        Console upgrades ARE nothing more than beefed up versions. The PS3 sped up Blu Ray acceptance but the 360 didn’t fare too bad without it. From a gaming perspective it’s not that big of a deal.
        I’m sorry, but what you are asking for is for console manufacturers to skip a generation. I certainly don’t want to be stuck on sub 720p games running at 30 fps with a full HD game with 60 fps every now and then until sometime in the mid 2020s (28ish % market penetration of UHDTV across Europe)

      • Have you folk never heard of QFHD? That’s the new standard, it should be around in 2014 and Blu-Ray XL. That’s what next gen needs

      • As long as the hardware is capable enough, improving the resolution shouldn’t be a problem. I still think that they should focus on making 1080p at 60 fps the standard for a start but anything beyond that is probably just a software thing.

    • You can do a shit looking game at 1080p 60fps and you can do a magnificently-almost-blu-ray-freaking-impossible-detail looking game at 1080p at 60fps. The difference would be in the hardware (and of course, developers’ money and time).

    • You will never watch anything close to UltraHD or whatever it’s called in your foreseeable future. You’d need a screen of at least 70 inches in your cozy living room to start spotting the difference between 1080p and 4K. And that screen would be useless without appropriate content. I don’t see Blu-ray (not even mentioning online video and TV broadcast) supporting higher resolutions anytime soon.

  6. Makes sense. The 360 getting old now and is long overdue some changes to its hardware, particularly its disk drive.

  7. Don’t Sony want to come out with something at the same time too, this should be an interest next year I think. Its good a good time for Microsoft too.

  8. Personally i plan on getting another two years at least from my PS3 but i wouldn’t be surprised to hear both Sony and Microsoft announce something new around the same time that the Wii U launches.

  9. So would this mean developers would switch to PS3 being lead platform and then port it over to the more powerful XBox? That’s what happened early in this gen right?

    If that’s the case as a PS3 owner I’d be happy for a new XBox to come out next year :o)

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