Advisory: Odd Looking PSN Email Going Around

[drop2]Looks like there’s an odd looking email going around trying to get PSN owners to part with their usernames and passwords, and although Sony have said it’s fake it’s apparently from a real PlayStation email address.

“This is just a friendly reminder that you have funds in your PSN wallet that have not been used for six months or more,” starts the email, which looks just like a real PlayStation one.


“To view your account balance, please sign-in to account management by clicking here,” it continues, with the ‘clicking here’ a link to a PlayStation site.

However, Sony have said that it’s not a real PlayStation email, confusingly.

“The message you received was not sent by a representative of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)” is the official line.  “If you have clicked on any links included in the email or have replied to the email, we also recommend that you immediately change your PlayStation Network account password.”

Looks like the messages are also going out via the PSN itself.

If this is a fake phishing email, then great – just mark it as spam and move on, but if it’s real then somebody needs to tell the Sony rep behind the keyboard this morning they’re sending out real emails.

Our advice: wait for someone at Sony to pick either way before clicking on the link.



  1. What?! I do…. damn *checks*

    fools…. I only have 5p >.>

  2. Well i mass messaged everyone on PSN telling them to be careful. You can’t really trust anyone or thing this year after all the BS that’s happened :/.

  3. Well that is odd i don’t have any money in my wallet i guess some nice person must have added it there i have to go and get it :D

    • i had a mysterious $3 added to my account a few weeks ago. it said it was some sort of credit

      • Oh no – Reverse Phishing!! :O

  4. I have a somewhat sort of update. Up to now 7 US friends has confirmed the email spam. However 1 of them also got a PSN message saying “unused credit” as the subject & it was from a PSN-anonymous.

    If you get a PSN message i would take a photo (just in case) & report the user & block them.

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