Here’s a New Trailer for I Am Alive

I’ll admit it: I’ve become concerned for I Am Alive. I mean, the concept was great. The early artwork was brilliant. Everything seemed like it was going to be really interesting. Then it disappeared for a while and when it returned, Ubisoft seemed to have lost a bit of confidence in it. So it might not be all I’d hoped for.

I’m prepared to be proven wrong though, this new trailer certainly carries a really good tone and gives me a little bit of hope for the game I seem to have spent this whole generation looking forward to. Although, it has to be said: character models and animation looks terrible.

Source: YouTube


  1. The characters are pretty damn poor. But with it being a PSN game (I think) then maybe not too bad.

    But you’re bang on the money. This game had so much promise and hope for it, I’ve lost a lot of that confidence.

    The Last of Us now carries the weight of the (gaming) world on its shoulders.

  2. Graphics arnt everything. Im still hoping this will be as good as we hoped it would be.

  3. What that little girl really needed was a camcorder. Well done

    • I just laughed out loud reading that. That’s exactly what I thought: “I’ve this loaf of bread, but here, have this camcorder.”

  4. Anyone else thinking of Silent Hill when they see that trailer?
    Between the marked off map, and the dust cloud obscuring vision…
    This is looking better thaI thought.
    Sure, the graphics aren’t exactly Uncharted level, but it’s not the important thing. Plus, it’s not like the graphics are so bad as to drag my attention away from the game.

  5. Ouch. I’d love to know the politics behind what happened to this game. It went from one of my most wanted (of this year) to, now, not being something I am even mildly interested in.


  6. Well, yeah. You’re dead-on. The characters and animation look poor but the tone has me kind of hooked actually. It’s a huge shame whatever has happened to this but I still really want to play it.

    • We’re totally spoiled with Uncharted, I tell you.

      Even though the lip synching, character models and animations aren’t great though, it is a PSN game and it is a GAME so gameplay is really what matters

      • Funny you should say that as I’m not keen on Uncharted. You make a great point though, graphics are far from the be all and end all.

      • Ermm, what’s wrong with Uncharted? ;)

      • Nothing major. :D I loved the first one but found the second one had stagnated slightly, a bit too shooty of endless identikit baddies between cut-scenes, not as many puzzles and I didn’t enjoy the story as much which, after everything else is what Uncharted is all about. Still a good game, I just don’t share the love quite as much as others do. Still excited about playing U3 though! :)

      • In my opinion, Uncharted 3 really makes up for Uncharted 2.
        Still, Drake’s Fortune is the best.

  7. Completely forgot about this, and after the trailer I’m left with the ‘meh’ feeling. Might check it out if it has a trial, but if not then I won’t be interested.

  8. Man, the protagonist used to have one of the boldest chins in the industry, what happened? Someone slid the bar all the way to the left in the character creator?

  9. The first trailer had me interested, this one renders me bored. Lost all interest really. Also, his reasoning for needing a map is that even if you know the city well, when it’s so dusty you can’t see your hand in front of your face, you’ll use a map. I’m pretty sure if it’s that dusty, you won’t be able to see the map either, or locate yourself on it. Silly man.

  10. Still intrigued by this. Will depend on the price though.

    • Same here, if it has psn + discount too that’ll help.

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