What We Played #31

Let’s get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim out of the way first. It’s all myself and Aran have played this week. Aran’s either played a lot more than I have or been able to remain much more focused on the main story as he’s completed or almost completed the majority of the main quest lines. I tend to wander around, spot a new ruin and head off at a tangent to whatever I’d intended to be doing.

Blair has also been playing Skyrim and having no trouble focusing. A ‘mere’ forty hours in he’s also completed the main quest despite spending “half of [that time] simply exploring the incredible game world”. After 150 hours I’m yet to go find the Horn of Whatjamacallit though I have set off in that direction on numerous occasions. Blair has also been playing Modern Warfare 3 online. “I really enjoy it”, he says, “it plays very smoothly and everything seems more balanced than any other CoD game”.


Our final Skyrim player this week is Tuffcub who has squeezed some in between bouts of Killzone 3, the Starhawk Beta and Manflu. He claims to have reached level 40 in that so, being Manflu, in all likelihood it is not actually very serious at all.

Neither Kris nor Chris have got much gaming in this past week. The former having only found a small amount of time to play Stick Cricket on his iPhone which he “loves” even though he’s “completely rubbish at it”. The latter has taken a break from Starhawk and only managed to find time to use his PS3 to spin up The Green Hornet on Blu-ray. His verdict: “despite the varied reviews it received I actually quite enjoyed it”.

[drop2]Dan teases that he’s been playing Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD but can tell us no more. He’s also reviewed the “wonderful” Joe Danger Special Edition admitting that it makes him “swear like a sailor”. Somewhere he has also managed to find the time to finish Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call which he “didn’t think was a patch on the previous game”.

StarCraft 2 has had Josh trying to improve his APM score both in the game’s single player campaign and in multiplayer with friends. Besides that he’s played some Frozen Synapse which he “picked up as part of one of the Indie Bundles but forgot all about” and is late to the Defense Grid party having only picked it up during Steam’s recent promotion. Preaching to the converted he tells us that “it’s fantastic” and he’s “really enjoying it”.

FIFA 11 has once again got its talons into Toby who has been lured back to improve his Ultimate Team. Said team is apparently “shaping up nicely after spending the majority of my hard-earned coins”. Looking ahead to the Christmas holidays he says he’s hoping to play something other than FIFA, with Modern Warfare, Uncharted and Saint’s Row 3 all getting a name check. We’ll see how that goes shall we.

Last but not least we come to Peter who has been playing a ‘game’ many of you will be familiar with at this time of year:

I’ve been playing “get everything done in time for Christmas”. I’m not entirely sure what the win conditions are but I’m confident that if I hadn’t put some time into it this week it would have been “Game Over” on the 25th!

That doesn’t mean that proper gaming has fallen from his calendar though with the latest Mario Kart seeing some action along with FIFA 12 and “a bit of” WWE12 which he is finding “needlessly frustrating”. Two aspects of the game are singled out for particular attention. Firstly that “your opponents have an annoying tendency to completely recover from near death” which would be annoying enough even without the second.

The latter flaw really does seem frustrating. It appears that “the counter move needs to be done in such a brief time allotment that it becomes almost pot luck whether you can counter an opponents onslaught”. Imagine the fun of having your opponent arise zombie-like and reinvigorated from his own near-death experience only to unleash an almost unblockable vengeance upon you. Sounds like a fun game. Not.

Have you been decking the halls with boughs of holly this week or clearing the decks for your anticipated Christmas gaming gifts?



  1. Some MW3 multiplayer and Spec Ops Survivor (got all 48 stars in the missions, just need to survive to round 15 on the last 3 “Insane” difficulty survivor levels)…..unfortunately the TSA Modern Warfare Master competition didn’t get off the ground.

    Gone back to do some Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. A bit of Trophy grinding towards it’s 100% too.

    Attempted to start Rage but only managed to do the initial 8gb install, download the patch and various DLC.

    Played the Goldeneye demo which I thought was pretty average.

  2. I’ve been trying to reduce my back log this past week. I played through and platinumed CSI Fatal Conspiracy and I played through Spiderman Shattered Dimensions. Other than that, a few brief spells of Beat Hazard Ultra and Marvel Pinball

    • I’ve been pretty consumed by Marvel Pinball too. My wife even got the extra tables and the competition has turned ugly. :D

      Good work on CSI, I tried it thinking it would be a relatively easy platinum but discovered it to be some kind of space-age mind torture device aping itself as a video-game.

      • I picked up the new tables too, though I’ve only had a few goes on each.

        Yeah, CSI can get a bit confusing at times, but as long as you are thorough when checking the crime scenes it’s usually not too bad.

  3. All about Mario Kart 7 for me this week. Every moment I get I find myself firing it up for a couple of quick races. Addictive stuff.

  4. I’ve been trying to wrap up Batman AC campaign missions now I’ve completed New Game +.

  5. Prestiged Call Of Duty! played quite abit of Motorstorm Apocolypse online and it’s as fun and as busy as ever! had about 10 races last night and the lobby was full of around 13-16 players! also had a little go on Crysis 2 as i haven’t played it since launch and i think visually its stunning!

    • You got the ‘6 month’ date set in your diary for the trophy??

  6. Little bit of Godfather 2 this week. Hopefully get that done over the weekend.

    • Whilst that wasn’t the best game ever created, i recall it being somewhat enjoyable! :)

      • It is which is why this’ll be the second time I’ve platinumed it. Once for me and now for my wife. :D

  7. Still just Skyrim for me. Nearly at 100 hours and I’ve just got the final College of Winterhold quest, and all the Thieves Guild quests to do! Love the game. Once that’s done I’m not certain I’ll know what to do with myself.

  8. i’ve been a bit of a maverick, and played this little known game called Skyrim.

    i know, “skyrim, what’s that?” i hear you cry.

    not everybody has to play these big blockbuster games you know, embrace the indie spirit. ^_^

    seriously though, what i love about the elder scrolls games is the world doesn’t revolve around you, the plot might, but very little else in the world does.

    i saw a couple of mages fighting this morning, an ice mage and a fire mage.
    i just watched then fight and prepared to loot the loser, the fire mage won in the end and the ice mage died.
    but before i could do anything the fire mage started attacking me.

    i showed him what a dragonborn can do with fire.
    and i looted both of them, got some soul gems and a couple of enchanted robes.

    but damn, those dwarves like their stuff heavy. O_O

    also i recently got a wii point and click adventure called Secret Files: Tunguska.
    what i like about that one is the puzzles are pretty logical, some of these point and click games are just ridiculous in the combinations of objects you have to use to solve the puzzles.

    like one requires you to repair a bicycle tire, so you use a bucket of water to find the hole and then some glue and a bit of rubber to fix it, just the way you’d imagine it would work.

    as far as i’d got before starting skyrim, i hadn’t had to check a faq or guide once.

    • i forgot to say, how handy Lydia’s hulk like carrying capacity and her unkillability are. ^_^

      • Despite her condescending tone, Lydia is a great help. She’s been my companion for about 80hrs out of my total 92hrs played.

    • also, i hate the sound when you loot insect creatures eggs, it’s just horrible.

      why do these games always have to have giant bloody spiders anyway?
      i bloody hate SPIDERS. >_<

      • Haha, my girlfriend started a game on Skyrim, played about 20 mins and seemed to be enjoying herself, and then there was spiders… She screamed, threw the controller aside and told me should couldn’t play it anymore! Hah!

    • Looking at buying a Wii for myself this christmas to catch up on exclusive stuff (I’m a big Kirby fan in particular) and Secret Files: Tunguska sounds brilliant, I love point and clickers so that’s right up my street.

      • Yep, finally got one for the family for Christmas. Kirby, Donkey Kong, Xenoblade, Zelda, nice selection out there now.

  9. This week, I’ve played.. nothing :(

    Got 1 months SkyGo on 360 (with movies) for the christmas break tho :)

  10. Skyrim, BF3 and a return to Killzone 2 in preparation for the reinvigorated Meet this Monday.

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