First Modern Warfare 3 DLC Announced

Infinity Ward has made the not-so-shocking announcement that downloadable content is coming for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The first batch of DLC will launch on 24th January on 360 for Elite subscribers as part of Microsoft’s exclusivity deal with Activision for CoD downloadable content.


PS3 and PC owners should expect to wait at least another month for this batch of DLC if past experience is anything to go by.

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has said that DLC for the FPS heavyweight will have greater variety compared to previous entries in the series and will include stuff like new Spec Ops missions:

“We’re doing more than just maps. We’re going to do Spec Ops missions and a variety of things that players have never seen before.

“That’s the great thing about having three developers that are contributing to the season of content. You have Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven all pitching in. The full season of content for Modern Warfare 3 kicks off for Elite subscribers on January 24 on Xbox Live.”

Innovation in my Call of Duty? Now that is surprising.

Source: CVG



  1. even if xbox gets it a month early I’ll still be happy as long as the content is good!

  2. innovation, and call of duty?

    i know what all these words mean, but for some reason their proximity to each other renders them nonsensical to me. o_O

  3. be brilliant if they did bring back some of mw2s classic maps seriously would be!

  4. So if I had, hypothetically bought Elite in November Id be waiting a few days short of 4 months before I have access to any DLC…thats 1/3 of the year that I would have paid for. Quite a lot really

  5. Last year Xbox gets exclusive content for a month. Hopefully Activision have made sooo much money that for 2012 they don’t sign anything with MS.

  6. I thought Elite would allow members to get the DLC at the same time regardless of platform. It seems a bit of a slap to those who paid a year sub for it. I’m not surprised that MS has the exclusive rights to it for a month as they have had it since COD 4.

    Innovation and COD? :O *blows up from the unexpected use of those words in the same sentence* :P

  7. To the usual crew of online moaning, we have all paid for a 12 months subscription that actually contains 9 months of content

    glad I knew this from day one!

  8. I wasn’t expecting any new Spec Ops missions, so that’s a nice surprise for me. :)

  9. I’m thinking it will be like this for the MW3 map pack:
    4 new Multiplayer maps
    1 new survival map
    3 new spec ops missions (I don’t own MW3 but if spec ops is like it was on MW2 I’m guessing you have the classes for the missions)
    and the new stuff will probably be stuff like new camo for the guns, nothing fancy, I don’t think Activision would be that nice

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