Respawn Post Pointless Image To Remind Everyone They Exist

Ex Infinity Warders, Respawn, have posted the worlds most pointless teaser image on their website.  Again.

From this fantastic picture I have deduced the game will be about a man (left side of the image) pointing at small foetus (mid right) whilst a mushroom grows behind it.


To show my gratitude for this wonderful teaser I have posted my own specially blurred image, just for Respawn.

Source: Respawn.



  1. thank you for the laugh :)

  2. If I cover up my good eye and squint with the other, it looks like a ghost eating a witches chin while a Roswell alien looks on. I may go and have my eyes tested…

  3. Well at least we can tell that it will use exactly the same colour pallette as 90% of the other games on the market.


    • That is one weird duck. I just noticed it looks like a face. Hangon, is it one of those things where you see it differently?

    • I haz ‘quacked’ it would have been better TC! :)

  5. i’ don’t know about that first picture, but the second one looks like it’s from an awesome game. ^_^

    • Pheonix Wright: The Final Verdict?

  6. thank you…that has made me laugh on a hangover day!

  7. I’d like to thank you tuffcub, for posting the second image as a response to Respawn. That made me laugh.

    • I cant beleive some sites are running this image as real news.

  8. This is even worse than the interference teaser for MW2! I didn’t think that could be beaten!

  9. I’d rather get a second of a trailer than a blurry picture. Just crap. Just looks like a muddy road with tropical trees on either side. Sun setting behind clouds in the distance. the first looked tike a tropical military base. I’m going for generic tropical shooter. Yawn.

  10. My best guess would be a first person shot of someone looking out of a forest, between some trees and other forest plants, and seeing a mushroom cloud.

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