Skyrim PC Patch Increases RAM Allowance

Skyrim was only allowed to use up to 2GB of your PC system’s RAM? That seems odd to me but I freely admit that I’ve lost touch with the PC gaming scene I used to love so much.

Anyway, thanks to a handy news tip from our Community Manager, Adam, we’ve been alerted to the fact that Steam has already patched in official support for 4GB of RAM. This will lead to increased horsepower behind many mods and make some of the overhauls even prettier.


Bethesda is currently working on the official toolset for modding Skyrim, expected to be released early next year.

Hopefully this constant attention to patching the game will mean that the stubborn frame rate issues on the PS3 will also finally be smoothed out soon too.

Source: PC Gamer



  1. Despite RAM not being a big thing in PC gaming compared to CPU and GPU, it still seems a little crazy that they had it limited at only 2GB when a modern PC will usually come with 4GB as the minimum.

    Glad that I can use more now anyway! Now I might check out some of these mods.

  2. They did kind of stab themselves in the foot by imposing a limit on the amount of RAM at 2GB.

    • More like they shot an arrow into their own knee…

      • Please, no more. I’m even cringing when I hear the guards tell me about their sodding knees!

  3. I caught the headline and hoped they had found some spare ram on the PS3 – alas not :(
    But my PC will be happy :)

  4. I will probably get this on Steam one day so this is good. It is a bit incredible it shipped with that limitation to begin with.

  5. I looked into upping my PC RAM to 32GB the other day, £130, I paid ~£250 for 12GB…

    • when was this ? :P

    • Sounds about right, RAM has shot down in price. You can get 4GB of high speed RAM now for only £15-18 …so £130 sounds right for 32GB (not that you would use 32GB unless you do a lot of professional video editing and what not).

      • I got 16gb worth of G-Skill Ripjaws for £40 my mind blew when i saw that price :P

  6. Finally who only has 2GB RAM in a rig to play skyrim ?

    • I have two PC’s and when I first got Skyrim the PC I used only had 1GB of RAM. My main desktop on the other hand has 16GB. Hell of a difference between 1GB and 16GB, haha.

  7. how about they work on the follower ai next so it doesn’t get stuck on random blades of grass or pebbles.

    teach it how to go around things, rather than just standing there. >_<

    i wouldn't mind but Lydia's carrying about three metric tons of loot for me.

    seriously, i don't know what units the weight is measured in but it was over 3000 when i took it all back to store in my house until i get the fence perk.

    that dwemmer stuff is just ludicrously heavy.

    you should see my cupboards in my whiterun house, i have like 200 spabbages, sorry, i meant cabbages. ^_^

    you didn't think i'd miss the chance for a spabbage joke did you?

    wow, i went off on a tangent there didn't i?

    anyway, good news news if you've got the pc version and a pc with more than 2 gig of ram.

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