It’s Krismas Time

Podcast listeners will know that we’ll do almost anything if we think it will give you all a laugh. That’s why we agreed to record the community-penned TSA Christmas Rap, in spite of how embarrassing we knew it would be. Well, three of us agreed to record that song. Our venerable host, Krismas Lipscombe, refused to add his voice to what’s sure to be the latest big thing in hip hop.

Kris’ miserable approach to a bit of festive cheer led Phil (NemesisN1Derboy), the host of the TSA community podcast – nuTSAck – and Kris’ sworn podcasting nemesis, to rewrite the lyrics of an old favourite and approach the hottest new boy band in town to record it.

Because we have no shame (or talent, apparently), we all agreed to join in with this friendly ribbing of our podcast-hosting mate’s missing sense of Christmas cheer.

Up to this point, Krismas Lipscombe knows nothing about this little bit of festive cheer. So hopefully you’ll indulge us and perhaps even sing along as we present the debut track from the TSA Allstars – Have Some Fun (Does He Know It’s Krismas Time).

Come back for the big reveal of the podcast rap, produced by Tuffcub, at midday on Christmas Day.



  1. Oh man.

  2. I shall listen to this! If you cause me eyes and ears to bleed, i will be forced to drop a lot of pepsi cans on you. :p

    Oh god, it’s bad, but the funny kind. Not the making you want to kill yourself type of bad..

  3. You sneaky little wotsits.

  4. I am both amazed and horrified. Christ on a bike where’s my copy of Autotune.

    Well done everyone :)

    • Haha. As Blair said on Twitter, simultaneously the best and worst thing you’ll hear this Krismas.

      • I was just about to post that in a comment but I suppose I don’t need to now. Thanks, Kev!

      • Nicely put Blair, so good yet so bad!

  5. Great harmonics guys, your talent is wasted on TSA.

    Nearly makes up for the fact that I’m still at work.

  6. I say release this on the podcast stream, so subscribers can download et al

  7. That was brilliant!

    • That was so awful… yet so much better than what I was expecting :P Well done everyone!

      • it was brilliant as it was so bad :D

  8. WOW! I feel off balance now. I think you’ve done something to my ears!
    Good on you though :)

    • I will see you in the hospital waiting room.

    • I’m just glad I was on the toilet when I heard that. It caused my bowels to loosen…

      • you listen to TSA on the toilet, thats not strange at all ;)

  9. I couldn’t be more proud. Merry Krismas everyone.

  10. Hilarious stuff, love it!

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