What We Expect From E3 – A Podcast Special

Last night, as Microsoft was trying to clear up confusion, we sat down to record a podcast. This is our pre-E3 special, so it’s all about games and although this is perhaps the most unpredictable E3 we’ve had for years, we take a stab at guessing some of the things we might get to see.

Lewis is away but Kris, Kev and myself mull over what might come out of the big platform holder’s press conferences. We tried to think of what surprises we might see and what we think Microsoft and Sony need to tell their respective fan bases.

There’s no quiz this week, but we did try to answer some listener questions that relate to the big show during the second half of this podcast.

Tomorrow morning, Alex, Kris and myself set off for Los Angeles where we’ll be at the big press conferences (except Ubisoft, who didn’t give us a seat at their stage show) and at the show itself. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to read, see or hear us talk about while we’re there, pop your request in a comment below and we’ll do the best we can.

The rest of the TSA team will be manning the news stations from the UK while we’re away so hopefully you’ll still get all of the fantastic TSA E3 output you’ve come to expect over the next week!

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Ubisoft didn’t? Oh, no, they didn’t. Shame.

  2. Even if this E3 is full of bad news, it’s going to be soap opera levels of drama. I’m going to be fixated on the microsoft press conference only to watch how this car crash is going to play out.

  3. If its revealed and you get a chance, could you cover Rainbow Six Patriots while your at E3 please?

  4. girls in cos-play outfits!
    are my aspirations too high?
    nope didn’t think so!

    Rainbow 6 is coming on a 3 game special super duper, goty, triple whammy lenstacular,tin box mother of all mothers hardcore edition!
    it will include the last guardian and huxley as well….

    I’ll just settle for some cos-play…

    • I hear you on that cosplay. I’d like some Lara myself.

  5. *sings rebel songs, in spanish* ;)

    Have a ball at E3 guys, it’s certainly an auspicious year for E3 with two new consoles on the way so it should be a mighty buzz. I’m looking forward to reading and seeing everything you can cover.

  6. i’d quite like a pink PS4. ^_^

    what about a chocolate orange?
    they come in boxes.

    last year was the “girl wood” thing at the Ubisoft show, wasn’t it?

    anyway, have fun at E3, lots of pics and video will be great.

    if they show any more of that Monolithsoft game for Wii U i’d love it if you covered that.

    i do find E3 week pretty exciting, even though i’ve never been, and probably never will, it’s still a time when a lot of new stuff is shown.
    it’s like months of gaming news crammed into a few days.

  7. really looking forward to E3, too bad i must see the stream afterwards since i must get to work the next day (same day) but some reveals should be really interesting!

  8. I’m pretty sure the tease just before last year’s E3, the one with the fluid combat (you’re saying rumored to be Guerilla Games related) was in fact Remember Me.

  9. Thanks for the podcast. Describing the size of the Ouya had me chuckling. Listening to someone eating their dinner nearly had me switching off!

    • Haha sorry Gadbury, I should definitely turn my mic off next time! If it’s any consolation, it was delicious.

  10. I would soooo much want the PS4 to be grey coloured !!! That’s an brilliant idea ! Come on SONY !

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