Happy New Year

As the clock ticks past midnight, we enter another day, another month, another new year. 2011 has been a big year for us with unprecedented commitment to delivering a quantity and a quality of videogame coverage that has often rivalled big professional sites with full time staff and plenty of revenue flowing in. I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve built and the people who have built it.

As 2012 dawns, we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do. We will continue to do our best to bring you the most informative, entertaining and enjoyable videogame coverage that we can provide. But more importantly, we’ll try to do it all in a way which is fun and approachable.

I would be lying if I said that running this site doesn’t take its toll on us all. It’s incredibly hard work and the rewards are difficult to quantify and slow to arrive. We struggle to be heard alongside organisations with much more support from within the industry and we try to do it in a way which never compromises our integrity. We will continue to do that for as long as this site exists.

There are exciting new projects in the pipeline too. TheSixthAxis is our first love but we all want to continue creating, building and adapting. I’m going to be spending the first couple of months of 2012 finalising a project I’ve had stalled for much of 2011. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you all about that in the next few weeks.

We hope that you will continue to visit, comment and interact with us too. That’s what, with a couple of exceptions, TheSixthAxis does better than anywhere else on the internet: we discuss, argue and debate without it descending into the pathetic bickering that chokes most online interaction.

I’ve always thought that TheSixthAxis is a special place, from the first time I visited the site. I was compelled to keep returning by the sense of humour, the verve and the passion on display. We’ve never been about being first to ill-researched headlines or chasing hits with sensationalist misquotes and confrontational stories. TheSixthAxis has always been, and will continue to be, about sharing views and entertaining people.

In the years that have passed since those early days, we’ve grown ten times larger and seen a huge increase in the quantity of content we provide but we haven’t lost that simple desire to keep sharing our opinions and entertaining our readers. That’s the most important thing we’ll strive to continue doing in 2012: enjoying it.

We hope you’ll enjoy it with us.

Happy New Year.



  1. Is it you outaide my window with fireworks? Twat.


    • Brilliant. 60 seconds in to 2012 and you’re already moaning :)

      • They’re terribly loud.

      • Haha, great opening post that was probably being uttered by people all around the country :P The firework display in that London last night was mighty impressive though, just about the best spread they’ve put on yet!
        Happy New Years to everyone!

  2. Happy New Year everyone! Big bear hugs for all!

  3. Another year with The Sixth Axis in my life and one of the best communities. Awesome.

  4. Im sure everyone here appreciates the massive amount of work that goes in to the site, I remember when i joined what this site was like and what it has turned in to is something quite wonderful. Happy new Year my fellow TSAers!

  5. Happy New Year!

  6. Yeyyyyy! im entering year 2 with TSA! awesome community awesome sit Happy New Year all have a blessed year

  7. Happy New Years everyone! (even though it’s still 4 pm over here in Vancouver :P). Personally, I am supremely grateful for the community and site that the TSA team has built here. You’ve made a site that I’m really glad to be a part of.

  8. Nice speech, CB :-)

    Onwards! Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year TSA.

  10. Happy new year to all, may 2012 be another excellent year in gaming.

    • Here’s to hoping so, It’s looking promising!

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