Old Republic Dancing Exploit Makes Players Invincible

One of the more bizarre glitches in gaming history seems to have been found in recently released MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The trick makes players invincible to all enemy damage if they’re dancing, meaning that players can currently boogie themselves out of a tight spot.


Bioware has removed all mention of the bug from the game’s official forums, but thanked fans for bringing the glitch to their attention.

Here’s the exploit in action:

Go out and bust a move, everyone.

Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun



  1. “Bioware has removed all mention of the bug from the game’s official forums”


    • Truly an Empire leadership.

      • Nobody mention the hole in the Death Star on Facebook, or Empire HR will have you on disciplinary!

  2. I wish Home had a bug with the exact opposite effect.

  3. Also, you can just go and stand on higher ground… Apparently a Jedi can’t be beaten if he’s, what, 6 steps up a slope?

  4. It sounds much funnier than it is in that video, looking forward to the inevitable YouTube spoof videos!

    Also, blimey that HUD looks messy.

    • Yeah, I really had no idea where any indication of health was until the zoom :/ mental HUD.

  5. Apparently, “Stayin’ Alive” and “Disco Inferno” have become popular songs of choice on the old republic recently.

    • BBC news today said ‘Staying Alive’ awards you health. Or is it something to do with CPR…

      • I think generally staying alive is considered more healthy than the alternative

      • Hey, makes sense. 70s John Travolta was well and truly invincible. THe 2000’s Battlefield Earth/Hairspray John Travolta though? That’s a whole different matter.

  6. MC Hammer singing “Cant Touch This” should be all over this video.

  7. that’s just begging for Guile’s theme. ^_^

  8. HaHa! What a hilarious situation.

  9. Adam(jensen) dancing is better imo.
    How did Bioware miss this exploit out? I mean, seriously, how does one miss out on an unfair exploit during testing? I imagine that guy/girl must have been getting annoyed when firing at the exploiter.

  10. Guild Wars 2 can’t come out fast enough!…

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