22 New Dynasty Warriors NEXT Screens

Some mighty fine moustaches in the latest batch of screens from Tecmo Koei. Taken from forthcoming PS Vita game, Dynasty Warriors NEXT, the shots are a mixture of gameplay and cutscenes.

Look out for some excellent moustache twiddling in the bottom right hand corner of one screen and a lady who appears to be having a wardrobe malfunction, showing off some extra boobage (second row, second from left).

Source: Tecmo Koei Facebook Page



  1. We can always count on Tuffcub for pointing out some extra boobage.

  2. So glad to have held out on DW 7, this will be great for Vita.

  3. Me wants DW Next… i really enjoyed DW 7 alot, i’m not sure should i get Vita just only DW Next and UC:GA.

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