Massive Poll: Zombies

Zombies are everywhere. In a few weeks a new Resident Evil titles hitting the shelves and Zombie Apocalypse 2 has groaned it’s way on to the PSN Store alongside All Zombies Must Die. Dead Island gave us tropical corpses and it appears a sequel and a movie are in the works.

Brad Pitt has been fighting zombies in Devon for the first in a trilogy of ‘World War Z’ movies whilst Milla Jovovich is on Twitter spilling the secrets of Resident Evil : Retribution. Also in production is ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, the classic Regency romance now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem.


Television has succumbed to the zombie invasion with The Walking Dead grabbing ratings, Channel 4 recently repeated their zombie / Big Brother mash up ‘Dead Set’ and the sequel to the movie ‘Zombieland’ will now be shuffling its way on to screens as a TV series.

Comics have suffered outbreaks of the undead, Marvel zombified all their heros with great effect (Spiderman regretting eating Aunt May was priceless) and more recently publisher IDW managed to mash Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters and Transformers together and zombify the lot. Yes, really.

There are a lot of zombies about and with good reason as they represent the fears of mankind, our problems and worries.  In George Romereo’s movies the zombies represent the fears of race riots and consumerism, in other media the massed undead have represented slavery, the AIDS crisis and immigration.

The recent zombie outbreak can be attributed to the financial meltdown, “Zombies represent America hitting a very low bottom, as we witness the spectacle of consumer capitalism transforming itself into a feudalistic dance of death,” said the cultural critic David J. Skal.

The undead have been found in gaming since the very beginning with ‘Zombie Zombie’ on the ZX Spectrum and today they have invaded every genre of gaming (Zombie Cricket anyone?), the most recent addition being the blood red, decomposing ships from Zombie Wipeout.

But have you had enough of zombies? Are they a ‘lazy’ option for games developers requiring little imagination or design? Should they rounded up and shot in the head (zombies that is, not games developers) or do you want more braaains? Get clicking!



  1. I’m getting bored of seeing Zombies in games, especially when they’re just added in by the Devs for no real reason. I either want zombies to be the focus e.g Dead Island etc, or to be implemented in a really novel way.

  2. The way I see it, if you’re fed up of zombies, just avoid playing or wataching the games, game modes or films.

    As for the rest of us, grab a shotgun and blat their faces.

  3. Yes and no. I’m fed up with the fast type as they don’t invoke any fear. I want to see more of the classic zombies. The ones that are slow but very dangerous.

    Also, i would like to see a zombie game set in a future/past/fantasy setting as the present day one is getting old. I think a zombie invasion on a spacecraft would be an interesting thing.

    • hence like a Van Helsing, the original Frankestein setting?

    • Age of Zombies?

      • that game was awesome. ^_^
        i’d love to see a proper twin stick version for the vita.
        or psn.

      • I thought it was on Minis. O.o?

  4. Undead can make a great game in fact its the reason Legacy of Kain is in my opinion still the greatest story I’ve ever experienced, nothing comes close this gen still.

    ZOmbies are so stupid and lazy, you can’t even make a great narritive from it but with Vampires and other creatures; they could make a game great and interesting.

    I doubt they could make a game of zombies that are like a evil empire that as corrupted the world, its terrible the only place for zombies is those multiplayer games like Left 4 Dead, top down can feck off since its been done so many times.

  5. In terms of games, utilising zombies just feels like a cookie cutter approach and that your dev team has zero experience in AI programming (get to within x feet of player…. Attack mindlessly).

    It’s all been done before and seems just a cop-out now and there’s not really anything new being done in the zombie/outbreak gaming genre, even the Last of Us will really have to pull something out of the bag to be heralded as something great when it’s swarmed by a myriad zombie contemporaries.

  6. There should have been a third option for “i’m happy with what’s about”, as whilst i don’t necessarily believe that the zombie genre (if there is such a thing) can go the distance as such, i also wouldn’t want to see them disappear entirely.

    I love me some DR2 & Dead Island & look forward to the inevitable sequels.

  7. What’s black, white and dead all over?
    A zombie in a tuxedo!

    I’ll get my coat.

  8. i think we’re about to reach the zombie event horizon if we’re not careful.
    any readers of the guide will know what i’m talking about.

    incidentally, i watched a funny zombie movie the other week.

    called Wasting Away.
    it’s told from the zombie’s point of view.

    this group get infected by eating ice cream contaminated with this waste from a military experiment gone wrong.
    the thing is, they don’t realise they’re zombies, everybody else seems to be acting strangely, moving about really fast and speaking really strangely, except for one guy who’s so drunk they can understand him.

    most of the time we see them as they see themselves, but occasionally, it shows how other see them, so when they’re trying to tell them something the uninfected people see them moaning at them like, well just like you’d expect a zombie to.

    then this ex soldier tells them there was a leak of some super soldier formula and everybody in town was infected but him and this group were turned into super soldiers instead for some reason.

    i bought it in a pound shop. ^_^
    it was pretty funny actually, worth a quid any day.

  9. I would never ever say no to more zombies. Everything is made 200 times better with the addition of zombies.

  10. I don’t mind zombies, they make good fertilizer for the plants on my lawn. But I do mind developers using them as the go-to theme for survival based gameplay.

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