Massive Poll: Zombies

Zombies are everywhere. In a few weeks a new Resident Evil titles hitting the shelves and Zombie Apocalypse 2 has groaned it’s way on to the PSN Store alongside All Zombies Must Die. Dead Island gave us tropical corpses and it appears a sequel and a movie are in the works.

Brad Pitt has been fighting zombies in Devon for the first in a trilogy of ‘World War Z’ movies whilst Milla Jovovich is on Twitter spilling the secrets of Resident Evil : Retribution. Also in production is ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, the classic Regency romance now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem.


Television has succumbed to the zombie invasion with The Walking Dead grabbing ratings, Channel 4 recently repeated their zombie / Big Brother mash up ‘Dead Set’ and the sequel to the movie ‘Zombieland’ will now be shuffling its way on to screens as a TV series.

Comics have suffered outbreaks of the undead, Marvel zombified all their heros with great effect (Spiderman regretting eating Aunt May was priceless) and more recently publisher IDW managed to mash Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters and Transformers together and zombify the lot. Yes, really.

There are a lot of zombies about and with good reason as they represent the fears of mankind, our problems and worries.  In George Romereo’s movies the zombies represent the fears of race riots and consumerism, in other media the massed undead have represented slavery, the AIDS crisis and immigration.

The recent zombie outbreak can be attributed to the financial meltdown, “Zombies represent America hitting a very low bottom, as we witness the spectacle of consumer capitalism transforming itself into a feudalistic dance of death,” said the cultural critic David J. Skal.

The undead have been found in gaming since the very beginning with ‘Zombie Zombie’ on the ZX Spectrum and today they have invaded every genre of gaming (Zombie Cricket anyone?), the most recent addition being the blood red, decomposing ships from Zombie Wipeout.

But have you had enough of zombies? Are they a ‘lazy’ option for games developers requiring little imagination or design? Should they rounded up and shot in the head (zombies that is, not games developers) or do you want more braaains? Get clicking!



  1. Well, I guess you have to think about it from a marketing point of view also.

    Censorship in the various countries any game will be released in will be much easier to get around if the “Bad guys” in your game are any one (or more) of the following: Robots, Monsters, Zombies, Aliens or Nazi’s

    Choose one of those and you can market your game to a larger audience, hence more sales. So happy share holders. (huzzah!)

  2. Too much zombie shit around years ago, nevermind now

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