PlayStation Mag Says PS4 ‘More Powerful’ Than New Xbox

In news that will no doubt shock you to your bones and turn your world upside down, PlayStation magazine PSM3 has said that the next console from Sony, currently happily dubbed the PS4, will be ‘more powerful’ than the next Xbox.  Which doesn’t have an official name yet – at least publicly.  I’m calling it Terry.

Picked up by fellow Future publication CVG, which also features lots of ways to buy the magazine when it’s released next week, PSM3 says that the PS4 will be out mere ‘months’ behind Terry, the latter running off a PowerPC chipset and starring Kinect 2.0 (and hopefully a Dashboard that isn’t utterly horrible to use).


Both machines will be on show at this year’s E3, third parties have indicated, with many speculating that the next generation of consoles, both PS4 and Terry, will be available in 2013.  I’m happy about this, hopefully the new machines will be capable of 1080p in more than about five games, and run at decent framerates in 3D.

Got to feel a bit sorry for Nintendo’s Wii U, mind.



  1. Already got a space for the two newest additions to the playstation family. Vita and PSFOUR incoming…..

  2. I love that everyone is now calling the new Xbox ‘Terry’ in the comments as well! Whatever it’s name turns out to be, it won’t beat Terry.

    • I’m hoping a Microsoft bigwig reads this and thinks “Hmm Terry,I think we’ll go with that!”

      • If they call it Terry I will buy, otherwise probably not.

  3. Whoever doesn’t enforce motion controls will get my money, regardless of power capabilities.

  4. I’ll be happy to wait until 2014 to be honest. Give the devs some time to polish the launch titles. Offers more time for testing the hardware to make sure it won’t go suicidal. And gives me more time to enjoy the games of this generation that I still haven’t played, as well as the Vita if I decide to buy it early.

  5. good, its vital to the industry that consoles get as powerful as possible as they cant be updated hardware-wise and that forces developers to program for almost obsolete technology which has a massive knock on for the PC platform.

    honestly its getting kind of sickening endlessly waiting for the current generation to die so that my own platform can move the hell on :D

  6. I don’t really see how they’ll be even more powerful, the costs would just increase to make these games I guess, just seen them to being a upgrade from the Xbox and Ps3, nothing much else really.

    One thing they really to do is get rid of part of its semi-pcness unless Sony invent a better updating system, one of the awful things of PS3, hope it doesn’t happen on PS Vita.

  7. I’m ready to embrace new games consoles, but current business “strategies” have me worried. As long as the Wii U doesn’t allow publishers to dictate their individual online experiences then it will probably be the first console i buy out of the 3, otherwise it will be a hard sell.

    However if SEGA get their act together and make a new console as some recent patents may suggest, with games that hold up to the standards of the Dreamcast (one can hope…), they can have my money without question :3.

  8. I’ve just realised – we’ll be seeing Terry in June.. if you’ll pardon the innuendo.. :D

  9. It would be nice if they just put a new, more powerful Cell type thing in the PSFwoar. Multicore has got so much cheaper since 2007, surely cheaper is the way to go Mr Sony?
    I’m also looking forward to seeing Terry coming over Summer. I mean, ahem, coming over the summer.

  10. I will unashamedly admit I am a PlayStation fanboy, i’ve always got all the PlayStation consoles over others as I think PlayStation has unmatched quality in games and hardware. Doesn’t mean Xbox is bad though, but because of this I can safely say PS4 is already on my ‘To buy day 1’ list. Really excited to see what it will be like.

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