Modern Warfare 3 Getting Nine Months of DLC

Activision has announced a nine month schedule for Modern Warfare 3 DLC. Starting on January 24th, and ending in September, the content will be made available first to Premium Elite members on Xbox LIVE “followed by additional platforms at a later time.”

We are promised ” brand new multiplayer maps, Special Ops Missions, new game modes and more.”


Modern Warfare 3 owners who aren’t signed up to Premium Elite will still be able to buy the DLC “a la carte” via Modern Warfare 3 Content Collections which will be available in March.

Source: Press Release



  1. Just nine? Isn’t Elite a 12 month thing?

    • The Elite subscription lasts 12 months, but DLC over 9 months means it will end one month before the new COD game.

  2. Going to be awesome, it will keep the game fresh for me, as I know I’ll still be playing it well after those 9 months are up, doubt I’m going to get Blops 2 unless it’s totally overhauled.

  3. I blame Kovacs.

  4. I’m interested that Me Bowling in this video suggested that there may be single player story extensions….now that would be cool….as for the online DLC doesn’t bother me much. Not interested in ELITE, got a friend giving me all the DLC for free (in return for last years Black Ops content) and not bored of it yet as I am hardly spending any time on it compared to last year. HAZZARH!

    • The map pack novelty wore off for me at MW2. WAW had some awesome DLC but I just don’t “get” the COD appeal anymore.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong map pack novelty has worn off for myself to, that why I entered this deal with my friend :L

  5. This isn’t anything new.

  6. Wow, that’s pretty ridiculous. Xbox 360 Elite subscribers get it late January, with normal players getting it in mid March, which means normal PSN users wont get it until mid April, almost three months later. What a load of toss.

  7. So the “Elite” PS3 owners are neglected? I don’t have MW3 and I think Activision are being jerks here. All Elite members should have equal access.

    • I agree. I might as well have activated my Premium Elite subscription in January/February so that the 12 months started from then. I hope they see a lot of people not renew their subscription come November.

      Although there is the extra Online Vault space, other Premium features such as clan event STILL haven’t started. Not really fair when we’ve paid.

      • I’m not interested in the Special Ops or offline DLC so unless the new multiplayer maps are plentiful AND outstanding I will not be renewing Elite next year.

        The only thing Elite has given me so far is is a gold clan tag, which I’m honoured to have (thanks Youles ;-), but I get several messages a week along the lines of “cud u plz tell how change colorz?”

      • No worries mate, hope you got the Double XP too!

        I want the Clan Events to start so we can level up the clan some more….then we get more rewards like a better Title and more Double XP! :)

        Lol, I get about 4-5 message EVERYDAY asking to join the clan, but we already have 100 members!

  8. Thats pretty shit that PS3 Elite customers are getting screwed on this. ‘Pay more to get it early, but not as early as these guys who are paying just as much!’

    • But remember Xbox users have to pay for online which funds Microsoft to pay for the exclusivity

      • Yet we pay the same as them for the same service of Elite

      • But Elite didn’t have anything to do with DLC release dates.
        I don’t play COD, I’m not a fan of COD, but even I remember the news stories from when Elite was announced.
        Elite is for stat-tracking, and covers the COST of DLC. Nothing else was mentioned, and in today’s world, and probably yesterday’s, that means nothing else was given.

  9. More fool the COD sheep for lining Activisions pockets :-/

  10. I myself will have to get my online working before considering DLC. It’s bloody ridiculous. Either I can’t connect or it’s a lag fest. Creating a class doesn’t work on my multiplayer (it doesn’t save what classes I make) and also the leaderboards crash my PS3. Hopefully DLC can be priced a little cheaper this time around due to the introduction of elite. 9 months seems to be about 3 Map packs then

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