Sony: No Plans For PS4 At E3

According to Sony’s Kaz Hirai, the company won’t be announcing any new hardware at E3 this year. 

Referring to a comment from Andrew House, Hirai said he was “absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3.”


“I’ve always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that,” he added.

This flies in the face of recent resolute claims to the contrary, which – if Sony are to be believed – are also looking to be off target on similar claims about a new Xbox.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter said recently that Microsoft don’t plan to show anything new this year.

Of course, there’s a big difference between not planning to reveal anything and what might actually happen.

If Microsoft do show a new console at E3 we reckon Sony will do the same, like they did with Kinect and the Move tech demo.

Either that, or Sony are gearing up for a Tokyo Game Show announcement, or some other non-E3 venue.

Via the WSJ.



  1. Can only see them launching in roughly the same window, it would be suicide not to.

    Re-iterating the 10yr plan will aid sales up to release of a successor but the PS3 can easily see out the remainder of its 10yrs in the shadow of the PS4 just like the PS1 & PS2 did.

    If Sony leave it too long they may find sections of the market have been taken from them by companies like Apple, Google, LG & maybe Samsung in the new wave of Smart TVs

    • Yeah I agree. But if PS4 comes out 2 years after next xbox/apple with supirior hardware and a good price. Then they will sell, people like myself have sunk alot of money into digital games. So a huge backlog of games would see me through the start. Sony need to learn 3 lessons 1) people wont pay any price just coz it has ‘playstation 2) hardware which beat the compition but also easy for anyone to programme 3) Improve online distribution. If its on the U.S store its on everystore.

    • Surely waiting a year or two until after the XBox Terry makes some sense, not competing for launch sales in the same year must have some financial benefits? Then again, probably best to have your console out first so you can be cheaper for the Christmas sales in any given year.

      • The problem is that if Sony waits a full year before launching the PS4, Microsoft might already be able to cut the price and make the PS4 look like an overpriced piece of hardware that probably does the same things. Sony must be really careful here. I think the Vita struggles this much because by now the 3DS is significantly cheaper. If both launched around the same time with the original prices I wouldn’t be shocked if the Vita fared better than it does now.

      • It’ll end up like the PS3.
        Don’t rush the launch, and claim long-term rewards please.
        Selling less than the 360 hasn’t harmed the PS3 in any real way. Fanboy arguments, maybe, but nothing else.

      • @colmshan1990

        The PS3 has been harmed fairly badly by 9 out of 10 devs and publishers neglecting the console and its players. The main culprits are: Activision, Bethesda, R*, Ubisoft, Capcom, THQ and more and all of the devs who moan and whinge that ‘ItZZz 2 HaRd 2 pRoGrAm 4!!11!!!1!’ just coz they have to get off their arses and think a little when they are making a game for it. I wish I could sit on my arse at a computer pissing around for a living, what a job eh? Can you imagine if any other industry (hate that word since everyone is obsessed with saying it every 5 seconds) made such half assed products there would be anarchy! If KFC sold undercooked chicken, if Ford made cars that broke down and fell apart all the time, if builders made buildings that would collapse after a light breeze. But with games it gets ignored cause the mainstream console (xbox) is catered for, and no one gives a toss about PlayStation and its owners.

      • What are these long-term rewards colmsham?

        Sony had 150m PS2 sales to 25m Xbox sales it was an absolute trouncing with the Xbox arriving 2 years later in a PS2 saturated Europe & barely registered on the sales chart.

        Microsoft have taken 50% of Sony’s business this gen & the next-gen is going to be far more crowded than just one main competitor with gaming possible in more places than ever before and all without a £400 + £40 a pop barrier to entry.

        slowly slowly catchy monkey isn’t an option else you’ll probably find your entire target market is already heavily invested in another platform.

      • First of all, the difference in sales between PS2 and PS3 has less to with the timing of PS3 after 360, but the price difference (I remember €630+ for a console, might have been worth it, but nobody I knew could afford it) between the two consoles, the massive downturn in world economies, and the fact that the original Xbox didn’t have ANY history- it was Microsoft’s first console, people didn’t know if it would be any good. It was, and built up a good console brand for the 360 to take over. And, of course, marketing cannot be ignored- Microsoft marketed the 360 very well to hell and back. Sony relied on history and a spec sheet. While Nintendo absolutely nailed marketing so thoroughly that they outsold both 360 and PS3 (maybe combined, but if not, close enough to call THAT a trouncing) with last generation specs (Perhaps a sign that the PS3 and 360 came out too early, that the public just wasn’t ready for another generation yet? Maybe a point Sony/Microsoft may want to consider for next gen).

        By long-term rewards, PS3 compared to 360 has been undoubtedly more reliable- the PSN hack aside, there hasn’t been any controversy surrounding it, compared to the shocking (maybe even unprecedented) failure rates of early model 360s, and the current robbery happening to some Live accounts and connected credit cards. Each year has seen large sales of PS3, and I believe (don’t have the figures at hand, trusting some of the more, shall-we-say overt Sony cheerleaders that pop up in the comments from time to time) that it outsold the 360 every year since it released.

        I don’t believe that the gap between PS3 and 360 releases was the reason for some poor ports either- I think that it’s because 360 is closer to PC architecture than PS3, meaning the path for developer’s was always going to be PC->360->PS3, at least at first anyway. As for DLC from Activision and Rockstar not coming to PS3 at the same time, that’s because Microsoft’s marketing division realised that it would be a good deal for them to pay millions for it, not because the PS3 came out later.

        All this is my opinion, and it all stems from the fact there is no one winner or loser in a generation, and I’m sick of hearing that Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo need to do this or that to win the next generation.
        A loser makes a loss, a winner makes a profit. There were three winners this generation.
        The case of ‘my console sold more than yours because it was a lower price,’ makes absolutely no difference at the end of the day, so long as enough consoles have been sold to make sure developers are interested in well, developing.

    • Ehm, Smart TVs? Thats not the market Sony wants, because if TV’s implement this kind of functionality then it leaves any additional device out regardless. I mean sure, it helps, but it isn’t critical, and TVs are only just catching up on this kind of functionality. If someone wants Facebook or Netflix on their TV and is not interested in games at all, then a Smart TV already makes more sense than a PS3 :P

      • Gaikai will be on LG TVs coming out this year, OnLive will almost certainly be built in to some too. This means subject to connection your TV will be able to play DX11 standard games (the target for the next gen of Sony/MS consoles), already… without having to wait for Sony or whoever to get their ass into gear & not forking out an extra £400 (every 5-8 years) for the console either

    • Sony should just release PS4 when it’s ready, not play Microsoft’s shortcutting games to try and get ahead.

      The reality is, Microsoft will dump the 360 the day it’s successor goes on sale (just like they did last time around), Sony will run the consoles in parallel.

      In other words, PS3 will have totally killed the Xbox360 in both in terms of sales (as they are neck and neck now), and it will have been more profitable too, maintaining a higher selling price for much longer.

      Microsoft won’t be making a dime this generation from the Xbox (despite what they clever marketing suggests), the $12bn they blow on developement costs, paying off NVidia for the original Xbox contract problems, RROD costs and promotion and viral marketing costs, mean that even breaking even in a remote possibility.

      Of course, Microsoft play with numbers, they hid all these costs in a couple of REALLY bad quarters, and then proclaimed to be profitable in following quarters, and the press are too darn thick, scared or blind to see this.

      • I hope you keep posting comments like this.
        I find them amusing.

      • Fed up of the preaching.

      • Aww bloody spoil sports, i wanted to read what the messiah had to say :'(

  2. I am happy with that to be honest PS3 to last more years is great as it can do so much and is still young/early. Also there’s a PS Vita aswell to make it up and soon to be more move games too!

    • Same here, happy to stick with the PS3 for a few more years.

  3. Well that will save me reading all the pointless rumour based articles till E3 is over and done with.

    • Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Same here. The conjecture drives me effing mad.

  4. So if they do announce it on E3 shall we just close our eyes and pretend it’s not real?

    • you will also need to stick your fingers in your ears and go ‘la la la la la, i’m not listening!’

      • I could do that. Hell i would ignore the whole thing

  5. Glad to hear this in a way. I had images of Ninty finally catching up in terms of visuals only for Sony and Microsoft to move the goalposts shortly after the Wii-U release.

    • Nintendo have never had plans to catch up though, i thought they always wanted to be last-gen and just made a precaution?

      • Well (in my opinion of course) they are leads and bounds ahead of the competition in every other way (there is a reason why Microsoft and Sony released motion controlled peripherals after all…) it would just be nice to catch up in this one aspect heh

      • Not particularly.
        Does their online system work yet?

        Simply put, they’re leaps and bounds ahead in capturing the casual market (except of Apple, who could probably claim ownership of that market nowdays), but hardly beating the 360/ PS3 in other areas.

      • no way leaps & bounds behind imo.

      • I figured I would be alone on this one lol. As I say, its just my opinion. While their online is certainly a bit more clunky there is no denying its a much safer and more secure way of handling things and the 3DS online service has been much more reliable than the PS3 thus far for me.
        The big thing though is they are the only company out of the three who dare to experiment and innovate. Sony and Microsoft may be the go-to place for hoo-rah shooters but thats where their appeal ends really imo

  6. If MS announces a new console at E3, Sony have to respond quickly if they want to keep customers. Only very loyal customers will stay – I think a lot of people won’t want to wait 2 more years.

    • to have a brand as big as playstation you have to have fans Sony have that in spades.

    • Well many of the PS2 users would’ve went over to the Xbox, it really depends on price rather than loyalty really.

      • loyalty means nothing Playstation as a brand is huge & took years to get that way.

      • I wouldn’t buy an Xbox, out of loyality to PlayStation.

        Yeah, shout fanboy.

  7. I don’t think Sony will show anything but I’m pretty sure MS will show Terry at E3. TGS could be the time and the place for the PS4. Personally if Sony can’t release PS4 round the same time as Terry, then it needs to be within a max of 6months later.

  8. While momentum for both Xbox and Playstation is so high, I don’t see them announcing anything. They’re both shifting some of the biggest numbers in their lifetimes. Why disrupt that?

  9. Its far too early to release a PS4.
    however i don’t think its too early to tease it.

    I have fears that E3 may be lacking of newsworthy announcements (assuming everything is spoiled months beforehand) but the revelation of a new console would save any previously revealed secret and make E3 2012 a very talked about event.

    Just imagine seeing the WiiU PS4 and Xbox3 revealed during E3, the internet would flood and it would be an wonderful sight to behold.

    • I think you’re right, however, i think it’s unlikely. Keeping up suitable hype for something for that long would be difficult, people would get bored and annoyed with how long it was taking.

  10. CES Reveal Friday 13th ? :D

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