Ninja Gaiden 3 Gets Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Ninja Gaiden 3. The focus is on the multiplayer element of the game, showing off fancy moves, takedowns and stabbing yourself in the stomach…

It’ll be an interesting addition to what has traditionally been a single player franchise. It’s set to release in March.

Source: G4



  1. That does look pretty cool & original.

  2. Can’t watch the vid whilst at work, but i am disappointed about the fact that they felt that they have to add a multiplayer option to make the title seem more appealing to the masses.

    It may of course turn out to be great, but i am just getting a bit fed up with everything having to have mp these days. I am also wondering if it has been added as a way of generating additional revenue from online passes & so forth. Cynical, but possibly partly true?

  3. “Press o to die with honour” If only it were that easy.. :P

  4. It looks pretty good as well as being original. Although there was no need for NG to have MP. But i can see it being fun. :-) I like to see someone try and camp in this.

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