Mass Effect 3/Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Get Cross-Promotion Trailer

A new trailer has been released that briefly explains the Mass Effect 3/Kingdoms of Amalur demo cross-promotion. Basically, if you play the Kingdoms of Amalur demo (due out on January 17th) you’ll unlock the Reckoner Knight Armor and the The Chakram Launcher in Mass Effect 3.

Playing the Mass Effect 3 demo (date TBC) will unlock the N7 Armor and Onmiblade Daggers in Kingdoms of Amalur.

Source: YouTube



  1. Not a bad idea, it’s better than making consumers pay for such pointless ingame perks. Also, if both demos sell their respective games really well they could generate a bunch more sales.

    • I’ve played both of the demos and can’t wait to buy them both

  2. I think that’s good for Kingdoms of Amalur. It was my favourite game of E3 as it appeared to be secretly Skyrim and I liked that sense of underdog/small following behind it :)

  3. Buying both so I will be downloading some demos by the looks of it. Great idea.

    • Yeah I’m in the same boat :)
      Looking forward to both games!

      • same here i’m gonna buy mass effect 3 first though then koa: reckoning when i’m done with mass effect 3

  4. Now this is marketing.

  5. so, demos for both then, sweet. ^_^

  6. Might as well! I usually get most demos anyway, if i end up buying the game and get a bonus then woo. More devs should follow suit.

  7. Great idea and should help raise awareness for the great looking but under-exposed Kingdoms of Amalur.

    • i hope so it’s an awesome game

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