Starhawk Public Beta Dated

The dates for the public Starhawk beta in Europe have been announced.

Those with PlayStation Plus will have access from January 18th, whilst those who had a code with Uncharted 3 will be able to join in from February 1st, although you’ll need to have redeemed your Online Network Pass found inside the boxed copy and made sure you’ve opted into receiving marketing emails.


Every other PSN member will have access from February 22nd. Those who were in the private beta will be in the public beta as long as the beta file wasn’t deleted from the PS3. Word on the street is the game is rather good.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. It is! Does anyone know if the word on the street is true about private beta people getting more beta? If so any ideas on the date?

  2. It has been confirmed that if you were in the private beta you automatically get access to the public beta however I also want to know when.

    Hopefully, it’s on the 18th with the plussers!

  3. Looking forward to the 22nd!

  4. Doesn’t quite have the magic of Warhawk for me, though. Dunno exactly why yet

    • i was in the private beta and its nothing like warhawk. It seems to me flight combat has been nerfed to hell, it takes so long for your mech/plane to spawn again its not worth buying one. I’m disappointed with it personally. Why couldnt they have just made warhawk 2 with new maps, graphics, sp?

      • Why play safe when you can do something new?

      • I think thats an extremely cynical view, especially since this is the beta. If you read the update lists you will see they purposefully nerfed the Hawks so they could test other stuff. You BUY your Hawks, they don’t spawn again. Sir, if your going to complain, make sure you know how the game works first. It IS Warhawk 2, but with so many improvements I can’t count them all.

  5. Hopefully the public beta will have an alternate game mode. CTF just doesn’t make good use of the new mechanics IMO.

  6. Awesome news. The private beta was epic so more people and hopefully more features are included. New modes and maps would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ha just noticed that for those who don’t have Plus or in private beta, then you guys get Starhawk and Vita on the same day!!

  7. Thank you +.

  8. “Word on the street is the game is rather good.”

    Is this the word from people who’ve never played it? ‘Cause the games I had in the private beta were all sorts of shit.

    • Crazy talk. Starhawk was fantastic in the beta and remember all equipment + vehicles haven’t been put in yet!

      • The reasons I didn’t like it was the fact that there’s no teamwork, (I was capturing the flag by myself in every game) you get killed by turrets all the time with no clear way of destroying them, the ground combat is terrible, (you do a jig whilst randomly shooting everywhere until either one of you dies) and everyone camps at the respective bases. What use is having your whole team camping at your base in CTF, with no one going to capture the flag?

        There’s plenty more annoyances with the game, but I can’t be arsed to list them all.

        Slight rant over.

      • You just.. shoot the turrets

      • What I mean, is a quick way of destroying them.

        You have to put 2 full clips in if you’re just shooting them.

      • R3 the turrets. Done.

  9. INTERESTED. Looks like it could be a lot more fun than Warhawk, which I think was very, very, very average and dull.

  10. Too late to the part on Warhawk so everyone was way better than me. Hopefully i’ll get into this.

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