Community Round-Up: 14/01/12

The last week flew by it seems. Well it did for me, at least. Are all of you still going strong with your New Years Resolutions? Apparently, 3 in 4 of you will have succumbed by now, so good luck if you’re staying the course! Anyway, let’s get on with this week’s Community Round-Up!

We’ve no new announcements on the competitions front, but do most certainly have things planned. For this week, though, we’ll just jump right in with all the TSA meets.

It’s great to see there are a few more than last week, although I feel we’re not quite up to full strength yet!

Crazy_Del is rounding off the weekend with a bit of DiRT3, taking place on Sunday at 6pm.

Moving onto Monday, Hunterstryfe is hosting a Payday: The Heist meet, kicking off at 7pm. There’s only 1 more space available as I write this, so be quick! If Karting is more your thing, at 8pm Tonyyeb is turning out the red lights for the first ‘Unofficial GT5 Karting Championship’. The meet will take around 1:30 hours, and all the details can be seen in the forum thread, although it’s looking pretty full already!

Capping off the fun for Monday is the usual Mondays Motorstorm Madness meet hosted by theberzerka, taking place at 8pm.

Finally, a few days later, there’s the regular Uncharted 3 meet on Thursday. As well as the meet there’s going to be a bit of pseudo-clan action soon, in a tournament being created by a friend of the two most recent Unchared Treasure Bearer champions. For more details, and to register interest, head over here.

Remember you can host your own Meet if you feel like it! All you need is 250 shiny TSA points and to click the link at the bottom of the Meets page.

Review-wise, we’re already seeing a little influx of new titles. First up, Joe brings us his review of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky for the PSP. Aran reviews Fighting Fantasy: the Warlock of Firetop Mountain, a Mini that is like the old ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. Finally Worms Crazy Golf gets reviewed by Blair, although fans of the Worms series may find themselves disappointed with this one.

Anyway, moving on to the previews, Al goes Hands On with AMY, a game that was released this week in fact. He also gets his us with some thoughts on The Darkness II.

If you’re more into seeing what the community has to say about games you can catch TSA’s WeView Verdict for Skyrim, or you could let us know how you felt about Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game properly but I decided I should at least play one of the games, so will get XII off the PS Store at some point!

Greg brings us What We Played #35 where most of the gang are still getting stuck into Saints Row 3, while the lucky ones that own a Vita go discovering with the new Uncharted game. And remember, you can say hello to the delectable Baconsarnie in this weeks’ Meet the Reader.

Tuffcub presents his findings for his Massive Poll regarding Zombies, featuring a result that may actually cause mild amounts of surprise. With Max Payne 3 right around the corner Jim brings us a Playback of Max Payne, the classic original title that first brought us Bullet Time in video games.

There were loads of great articles over the holiday period, so many in fact I missed out the guest articles that were submitted. Firstly, Origami Killer asks is ‘Modern Warfare Lost its Way’ and then discusses the ‘Decline of Splitscreen’ in recent times. It wasn’t all our Heavy Rain inspired member though, Bodachi took a look at ‘Custom Soundtracks’ in games and how they can be improved.

The forums have been buzzing with activity and with great threads too! He is a selection of the best:

  • Youles asks what is the most rewarding trophy you own? Excluding platinum trophies, of course.
  • Continuing with the theme of trophies, Omac has found someone who sells ‘trophy services’ which has sparked an interesting discussion.
  • Omac also asks about the origins of people’s online handles, feel free to share your story!
  • You could say Omac’s been spamming the forums, either that or he just creates exceptionally high quality threads as here he is again, wondering which franchises deserve another go.
  • TSA’s F1 fans have been discussing the pre-season build-up, complete with all the recent F1 news.
  • And lastly, Hanny has a thread for TSA’s comic and manga fans, although be prepared for lots of scrolling!

Well, that’s it until next week. Have a good’un!

– As usual, this round up was lovingly pieced together by the one and only gazzagb!


  1. Also in the forums is the chance to pop your name down for people who would like to see the Friday night fights to make a comeback. :)

    • LALALALALA!!! We’re not listening!!


      • I’m still waiting on you! :P

      • Btw why does Gazza not have a red banner?

      • You are?! I’m still doing my hair!

        Gazza doesn’t have a banner because he’s not on the proper Staff. Out of the Community Team, only AG and I are full staff members with spangly red banners.

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    • You tell them Berzerka!!

  2. Kudos for getting some interest in the forums going, Omac! And to everyone else who’s been visiting lately as well :)

    • Thanks Yog. I spend far too much time perusing those forums.

  3. Took me a minute or so to get your pun Tef, how long did it take to come up with that? ;P

  4. This actually makes my Saturday mornings :P Nice round up, there has been a lot of activity in the forums in the past week with lots of thought provoking and interesting threads. Also thanks for the guest article mentions, at the top of the split screen article I am said to be a little overzealous, taking it as a hint to not submit a guest article for a long while :L

  5. its nice to wake up in the mornings and read the round-ups =)
    really need to see what discussion broke loose in the forums! =D

  6. …And this Round-up has just outlined the large amount of time I spend on TSA. Anybody have a life for sale?

    • i have!
      but its only about 3.54% of my life… 3% is bowling and 0,5% is everything else like training, eating, sleeping etc. etc.

      • Thats 3.54% more life that I seem to have at the moment. Sold! Now what to do with my 3.54% life…. I know, I will go on the TSA forums. Game over.

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    I’m glad that Gazz remebered(read:threaten by a dildo) to include the guest articles.

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      • Oh dear! those men in the white coats were delivering your script for the next community round up, you’ll just have write your own now and see how it goes….sorry Origami :P

  9. Good to see that GT5 Karting banner is getting some use! ;)

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