Meet the Reader: CarBoyCam

That’s all well and good, but will it run Crysis?

Never played Crysis, but yeah, I reckon it’ll run most of the older games too.

And the age old question… Will it blend?!

I don’t want to find out!

I’ll give you £5 to give it a go…

Add a few extra 0s to that and you’ve got a deal Sir!


I didn’t say anything about a decimal point… Did I?

No, you didn’t, but you didn’t explicitly exclude it either!

So, back to Farming Simulator… Guilty pleasure of yours, is it?

Yeah. A very guilty pleasure. To be honest, it’s nice to relax after a fast paced GT5 Meet or Battlefield massacre!
I do wish tractors were a little faster though. It’s a great game. I’m a big fan of weird simulators.

Train Simulator too! I’m going to stop talking now…

Can you not put a turbo or something on the tractors?

Unfortunately no. Crop sprayers and trailers just make the problem worse. I think there’s a gap in the market for a tractor modding game though!

You’re on to a winner!

It’d be a cult hit, like that 18-wheeler game.

Again, another game I’ve looked at! I’m love my racing games, but in open world games like GTA or Just Cause, I have a habit of sometimes driving like I would in real life. I don’t know why, but I just sometimes feel like slowing down.

So you crash into lamp posts and mow down pedestrians in real life too?

I’m not that bad a driver! No scrapes yet, touch wood.

This “slowing down” lark. Is that why you have to get Lee-ma to do stuff for you on GT5?

I do get him to get my gold trophies because I’m too slow.

I would say that’s cheating, but I feel that can go without saying.

What’s your favourite game of all time, ever?

I think my favourite game is Burnout Paradise. I’ve always loved the Criterion Games.

Good choice! Have you completed it completely? Online and all?

The Freeburn online took over my life for many months!

It was pretty addictive, especially when you had a good group of guys in a TSA meet.

I had completed the single player completely, but my data got deleted when I changed PS3. Never completed the online. I wasn’t aware of TSA when Burnout Paradise came out.

Neither was I, but the meets carried on for almost 2 years after release, I believe; certainly well after the island DLC came out. I think this may call for a “retro” meet in honour.

Definitely. I now only have the Store version of the game, so it needs completing AGAIN, but I’d be more than happy to rule the streets of Paradise City again! 100% Trophies and DLC shows how much I loved that game!

It certainly does! How did you first come across TSA, then? Did Lee-ma send you off onto the internet to find him a community to race against?

Oh no, I’m not really his PA, sorry to burst your bubble Tef!

I can’t remember how I came across TSA. I think I saw some interesting articles and then saw the Meets section! I then dragged Lee onto the site for the SuperGT GT5 championship.

Has he sacked you?

I was never employed! I don’t know where you get these crazy fantasies of yours…

Well, that’s what Lee said. Why would he lie to me?

I think it’s since he won the F1, I think the power’s gone straight to his head!

I guess that could be true.

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  1. Hi Cam, all that went through my mind with the jailbreak stuff was “Well, at least he should be able to make a quick getaway” :P
    Funny you should mention Burnout, I was blasting around Paradise last night….nothings changed it’s as lively as ever with one random usually refusing to comply. We had to smash a billboard so this guy who was chasing me for takedowns but not doing the challenge, I headed towards a billboard and turned at the last minute which forced him into it and smash! challenge done…lol, the numpties!

  2. Ah Sunday mornings… Cereal, toast, coffee and Meet the Reader… And some abuse! Great read Cam… As for Teflon, I look forward to showing you which one us is Hamilton and Massa!

    • To quote myself, “Don’t touch me.”

  3. Very funny read indeed, nice to meet you. I only played Burnout last year when it was out with Plus, loved it and platinumed it within a day or two :) I still have the motorbikes to race on it too.
    All your PC talk is way above my head, if I was Tef I wouldn’t have had a clue what you were on about :L

    • about the high-tech talk OK: just nod and smile OK, nod and smile… :P

      • I’ll bear that in mind *Nods and smiles*

  4. nice read teflon=)
    and nice to meet u CBC! =D
    hmmm jailbreaking…. reminds me of something… what was it? ohh yeahh, HAX!!!
    ;) ;)

  5. Hehe. You love me really Tef!

    • ofcourse he does!
      he will never admit it but he loves me too! =D

      • He hates us all!

      • OK is correct. I do really hate you all.

      • Lucky for us the feeling is mutual ;)

  6. Cam, why didn’t you post in my thread about the F1 thing :P VEEEERY long read but a good one :L

  7. That was a good read guys, nice to meet you carboycam!

  8. Yay, another weird sim lover! :D

  9. I do enjoy these, why did it take me so long to start reading them? Is there an archive anywhere?

    • If you use the search box in the top right corner, and search for Meet the Reader, it’ll come up with ALL of them…

      • Good idea, thanks.

      • I highly recommend the one with Tonyyeb. It’s one of the best MtRs ;)

  10. Great to meet you Camd.. oh that’s me!(Tef’s fault), CarBoyCam.
    I’ve played a few sims over the years, Airport Inc, Transport Tycoon but never been tempted by Farm simulator, Got Train Sim 2012 from Steam’s xmas sale for £1.97, bargain.

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