Meet the Reader: CarBoyCam

This week we’ve got an old favourite around racing circle, Camda… Oh, no, my mistake. It’s CarBoyCam.

Sorry, we do go on for a little bit this week!

The usual opening line: Who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

Well, my real name is Cameron Brewster. I’m almost 20 years old and I’m from the same neck of the woods as Mr Lee-ma! Suffolk!

Whenever I hear your real name, I always think of Terminator (I think I’ve said this before). Are you named in homage to that great film franchise?

I honestly don’t think so. I personally couldn’t tell you much about any of the films! Not really a film man.

Ah well, we can’t all be perfect. Your username caused a bit of confusion about these parts, when you first joined. Where did ‘camdaz’ come from? Oh wait… ‘CarBoyCam’…

I think the beginnings of my name originated in Middle School. One of my mates called me “Car Boy”, so when I came to begin signing up for forums, I combined that and my name. To create, CarBoyCam!

Unfortunately if I’m playing online and someone takes a dislike to me, it’s easy to change the name to something more childish… I’ll let you ponder on that…

Did he call you ‘Car Boy’ based on a particular enthusiasm for four-wheeled road vehicles you have?

Yeah, I always went on about cars and not football like the normal kids at school. Still prefer cars over everything else! Especially football!

So tell us, how did you first get into video games?

Well, my first console was the original PlayStation. The lovely grey box was where I played my first ever video games! My first two games were Colin McRae Rally and Bugs Bunny Lost in Time. I think that was it’s name anyway.

Next was PS2, accompanied by MANY racing and driving games. Inbetween that and the PS3 I had a GBA SP and numerous PSPs. Now I have a PS3, 360, iPhone, iPad and an almost finished gaming PC.

How many PSPs did you go through?

I’ve been through 3 in total. Every single breakage was my fault.

Do you have a particularly boney backside, or something?

Nothing like that. Let’s just say I liked to tinker with them. Custom Firmwares and things like that…

Ah yes, I’ve seen your endless stream of tweets of excitement at jailbreaking your iPhone. You do go on a bit!

How dare you! Most of my gadgets I own have been messed with. PSP, PS3, iPhone, and soon, my iPad. I like to see the full power of my devices utilised. I think jailbreaking iDevices is a must for any owner. At least try it.

For 99.999% of people, I’m sure the walled garden gives more than enough freedom, though. In its current state, what is the main thing you feel you would gain from jailbreaking?

I think the various tweaks and utilities which can be found on the Cydia Store (like an App Store for jailbreak packages), are a great benefit of jailbreaking. The ability to remove restrictions on the iPhone’s 3G are brilliant.

I’ve never used jailbreaking for software piracy though. My Apps on the App Store themselves have been pirated! Rawr!


“Rawr!”? Really?

Sorry, certain things annoy me. Piracy is one of them!

No, I completely agree about that. It was your spelling of ‘roar’ I was objecting to.

Ah I see. That’s my spelling of it. The childish side of me prefers it, for some odd reason…

I think I just died a little inside… Damn you, internet.

Oops. Sorry Tef!

How goes the gaming PC build?

It’s all up and running. Unfortunately my Student Loan couldn’t quite cover a Graphics Card, so I’m stuck using Intel Integrated Graphics until my birthday in a few months.

I can’t really complain at Trackmania working flawlessly, though. Or Farming Simulator…

We’ll come back to Farming Simulator, I think, but what have you got in there so far? How much money have you sunk into the project?

Haven’t really paid much attention to how much I’ve spent. Must be just over £500, including parts I was bought at Christmas.

And what specs will you come out of it with, when you have that GPU installed?

It’s a Zalman Z9 Plus case, with a Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P Motherboard. Intel Core i7 2600k (3.4 GHz) with 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM. 1 TB Hard Drive topped off with a 750 W Corsair PSU.

So yeah, once my Graphics Card is purchased and installed, it’s going to be pretty damn fast! I have no idea what GPU I’m going to get, but it’ll definitely run Battlefield 3!

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  1. Nice read Tef, nice to meet you CBC.

  2. Great read, nice to hear more about ya Cam other than through Twitter! Btw next time you’re on gt5 will do my best to get on and finally get that car off you lol! Also Tef great interview on your behalf aswell. Great laughs all round!

    • Hurry up. It’s sitting in my garage gathering dust! :P Just leave me a PSN Message once you’re updated and I’ll send it when I’m next online.

  3. Nice to find out more about you. If I ever end up behind bars, I know who to call on.

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