Origin Required To Play Mass Effect 3

BioWare Community Co-ordinator, Chris Priestly, recently took to the official Mass Effect 3 boards to address users’ questions regarding the interaction between the upcoming sci-fi epic and our favourite video game distribution service on the Citadel, EA’s Origin (not).

In short, Priestly confirmed that, unlike recent BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3 won’t be exclusive to Origin with a number of third party digital outlets currently taking pre-orders. However, to access the game users will need to authenticate their copy via Origin, regardless of whether they own the physical or digital version. ME 3’s co-operative multiplayer will also require a constant connection to the service.


Priestly also confirmed that Mass Effect 3 won’t be coming to Steam, at least not “during initial release.” Last year EA pulled a number of games from the popular digital vendor including Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2; due to restrictive terms of service, EA claimed it wasn’tt able to access and moderate content in an efficient, timely manner, leading to the launch of Origin.

Just to confirm, this only effects those who are planning on buying the PC version. Origin has yet to permeate into the realm of home consoles.

Source: Official BioWare Community Boards



  1. Lets be honest. A lot of PC gamers will buy the game then download a crack to get passed Origins. It’s happening more and more. They need to protect the game but Origins is not effective.

  2. I’ll be enjoying the PS3 version and i’ll be declining EA’s online ToS unless it’s necessary to access any mission DLC.

  3. This was expected, but it’s still sad. Gotta debate between getting the pc and ps3 version. Playing with MKB @ 1080p, 60fps is só much better though… Seems like I have no choice.

  4. I’ll be buying the PS3 version anyways but i think this is stupid if i did use my PC more for gaming and used digital versions of games i would like to be able to choose where i can buy my games from and not be forced to buy from one place

  5. Well. Looks like I’m not getting ME3 on PC then, that’s a shame.

  6. I understand why they have chosen to do this but it will deny those without net access to be able to play the game. Surely, it would have been better just to allow Steam to sell it as i think most PC gamers don’t mind it.

    I really hope that EA doesn’t try to implent this type of DRM onto the consoles as i will be very annoyed.

    • unless consoles go to full on didital distribution i wouldnt worry about it. its too hard to insitute PC levels on consoles due to having a physical copy of the game, legitimate firmwares for license checks etc….

  7. I seriously hope they dont try to intergrate origin with the PS3 version, I loved ME2 on PS3 I thought it worked excellent on a console. If I ever find myself wanting to play the PC version of ME3 thought I will not hesitate to pirate it, far too much wrong with Origin.

    • “i wil not hesitate to pirate it”? well thanks for continuing the lovely image of the self-entitled piratical PC gamer.
      The majority of PC gamers, like me, are disappointed with this decision but nevertheless we either bite the bullet and sign up for origin or we stick to our guns and dont.
      Piracy is NEVER an option.

      • Of course its an option, its just another measure put in place that hinders people. I’m in university training to be a games developer as we speak and I’m fully aware that people work very hard on these products (I certainly work hard on mine!), but the morons at the top spoil the experience they have worked hard on by adding countless measures that simply don’t function as they want them to. EA is really to blame for hooking me on the first 2 games and then pulling a stunt like this for the finale which I can’t not play. Besides I’m buying it on PS3 anyway.

      • no it isnt!
        Valve decided HL2 should be tied to a new service called Steam, this upset alot of people but its worked out well for gamers in the end.
        who are you to say that EA shouldnt go for some of the profits that Valve enjoy via Steam? it makes not just good business sense for them but also for us, it will lead to price wars which are going to be essential in the new age of digital distribution.
        function as YOU want them to more like, Origin makes EA money. job done, i have no idea what you expected from them, all programs suffer from teething problems remember.
        your last statement is everything that is wrong with pirates, “im entitled to pirate this version, i bought it on some other platform”, jesus man, you agree in the ToC that youve bought a license for you sole copy of the game, you own nothing, you are entitled only to what you agree in the ToC whether you agree with it or not is irrelevant.
        they arent to blame for pulling an obvious marketing tactic, you are for not willing to download a piece of software to enjoy the story, simple as.

  8. This won’t be a day 1 for me now then. I probably would have got it straight away from Steam, but as that’s not happening for now then it gives me time to play other stuff, and hope it comes to Steam later.

  9. I have I’ve 180 games on my Steam account including the first 2 ME games. The 3rd will only be bought once it hits steam and then down the line, it’s sale.

    I have never understood the reasoning behind businesses turning down money.

    I quite fancied Cave Story on 3DS, but I’ve been told its a HMV exclusive. As I refuse to pay £40 which is the asking price in my local store, then no sale. I’d have happily paid the £25-30 that 3DS games usually go for in my local Grainger Games.

    • RRP of 3DS games is actually £35 if I remember correctly. Extortionate considering the games.

      • I think you’re correct. I was away with work and the HMV where I was wanted £42.99 for Pokemon Rumble and Mario Kart 7 on launch day.

        It broke my heart paying £37.99 for Mario Kart at the Game store further down the road, which lead to an argument as a member of staff was telling a parent that by buying Batman AC pre owned they would save £3.00 and I only had 5 minutes of my lunch break remaining.

  10. If only they didn’t try charging there own content on another gaming platform with there own paying system, they can’t do it on PSN or XBL so why Steam?

    I might be wrong but correct me..

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