Origin Required To Play Mass Effect 3

BioWare Community Co-ordinator, Chris Priestly, recently took to the official Mass Effect 3 boards to address users’ questions regarding the interaction between the upcoming sci-fi epic and our favourite video game distribution service on the Citadel, EA’s Origin (not).

In short, Priestly confirmed that, unlike recent BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3 won’t be exclusive to Origin with a number of third party digital outlets currently taking pre-orders. However, to access the game users will need to authenticate their copy via Origin, regardless of whether they own the physical or digital version. ME 3’s co-operative multiplayer will also require a constant connection to the service.


Priestly also confirmed that Mass Effect 3 won’t be coming to Steam, at least not “during initial release.” Last year EA pulled a number of games from the popular digital vendor including Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2; due to restrictive terms of service, EA claimed it wasn’tt able to access and moderate content in an efficient, timely manner, leading to the launch of Origin.

Just to confirm, this only effects those who are planning on buying the PC version. Origin has yet to permeate into the realm of home consoles.

Source: Official BioWare Community Boards



  1. Was planning on getting it for the PC but I won’t be getting it from Origin. I guess I’ll either wait for it to pop up on Steam or get the PS3 version when the price drops. There goes away your day one sale, EA. Good job.

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