XCOM FPS Delayed Until 2013

April last year saw the announcement of a new XCOM game, which was taking the ‘Syndicate’ path and evolving from a strategy game into a FPS.

The 2K Marin team are developing a game in which you play a FBI agent ‘tasked with identifying and eliminating the growing threat.’


The latest issue of Game Informer states that this FPS has been delayed until 2013, and the XCOM franchise will reboot with the recently announced strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Souce: Game Informer via IGN



  1. good tactical idea, introduce the hardcore to a re-imagined universe and then hopefully they`ll be hooked enough to want to experience it from a FPS perspective.

  2. Hopefully the world will have ended by then so I don’t have to experience it and the only XCOM game I’ll experience before the apocalypse will be the new Enemy Unknown, which of course will end up being utterly superb because I’m living in a land of chocolate flowers and rainbows made of skittles.

    • And unicorns, don’t forget the unicorns.

      I like this for my own selfish reasons. I hope the strategy game gets so popular that they end up including some of the strategy elements into the shooter. I’d love to see the FPS turn into something like the original game but with the strategy missions replaced with FPS missions, with randomly generated environments.

  3. Next consoles?

  4. If it comes out on Vita, then I’d have to seriously reconsider the “hold off for a few months” policy.

  5. Looking forward to both games.

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