Gearbox Stare At 1,000 Hot Women To Make Borderlands II

Hats off to the team at Gearbox who have undertaken the arduous, tiring task of looking at over a thousand pouting young ladies in a mammoth search to find a live action Lillith.

The video below shows the winner, Australian model Yasemin Arslan, and also Randy Pitchford. Randy is his name, not his mental state after looking at 1,000 hot ladies.


The video also confirms that Guardian Angel, a character from the first Borderlands game, will return.

Source: G4TV



  1. …Im in the wrong industry.

  2. Thats pretty cool.

  3. Good call, she already kinda looks like a game character.

    The game looks good too, by the by!

  4. Australia represent! :)

  5. A thousand women to choose from and they managed to pick someone who is wall-eyed!

  6. Hard life being a game designer isn’t it.

  7. They must hate their jobs so much.

  8. Nice !

  9. nice stare job!

  10. Someones gotta do the hard stuff

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