New ‘I Am Alive’ Trailer Released

A new trailer has been released for I Am Alive. The focus is on the game’s “unique” combat system. I Am Alive is part of Microsoft’s House Party 2012, releasing for the system on February 22nd.

The game is also due out on PSN at some point.

Source: Press Release



  1. I really do love the concept of this game, I just don’t think it will be executed all that well.

    But hey, prove me wrong. Please.

    • My thoughts exactly, really got my fingers crossed that it all suddenly clicks into place and comes together for this one. Just looking a little shaky atm.

  2. looks a bit, well, rubbish?

  3. So, it’s a family game, right? :-)

  4. Actually looks pretty good, something new.

  5. Looking forward to it.

  6. Hmm, interesting. It has potential to be goodish, not brillant but good. I hope it doesn’t end up becoming very repetitive.

    I hope there will be a demo for it as i’m still undecided on it. :)

  7. Looks interesting

  8. i dont know… somehow many things about this title just scream budget and rushed to me… which is a shame, i really liked the first trailer.

    on a side note: am i the only one who thinks they say the title “wrong”? i always put the streß on “alive” when i read it, not on “am” :)

    • Rushed? :L

      • i know it has been delayed and restructured and so on for a long time. what i meant is that when you see it, it looks like a rushed product…

      • was just kidding, it does have the rushed look to it though.

      • I wouldn’t call it ‘rushed’, but maybe it ‘lacks polish’. There’s still time for then to give it a good polish though!

      • I agree with Origami, it doesn’t look polished at all, and looks pretty boring aswell.

  9. Damn! Looking pretty nice and I like some of the gameplay ideas like faking it that you have bullets in the gun. Very clever.

    • yeah, bluffing having bullets looks good, not much else though…

  10. Its looks alot better looking than what the previous two trailers showed.

    • Damn! just read my comment after i submitted it, grammar is out the window!!

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