BioShock Infinite Getting ‘1999’ Mode

Irrational Games have announced the ‘1999’ mode for BioShock Infinite.

Based on feedback from gamers, the mode will feature an “especially demanding gaming experience” with every choice you make having an irreversible implications – “if your choices guide you down a path not suited to your play style, you will suffer for it.”


Apparently it’s not just a case of making the game harder. Resource planning will be crucial. Combat specializations will need to be developed otherwise any weapon will be useless to you.

In terms of combat “you will need to carefully target every shot, and your health will be set to an entirely different baseline.”

Bring it on, we say.

Source: Irrational



  1. 1999 sounds pretty easy.

    • well we were all a lot younger back then

      • Times were simpler too.

      • I can confirm that in 1999 i was younger, easier & a bit simpler too. :)

    • Good to put a name to a face. Hey, nofi.

    • The admin formerly known as nofi.

    • If that were what we would see on screen I would give the 1999 mode a shot.

      • Sorry, I just had to pop off for a moment then. Less smut please NoFi.

  2. Anyone know when it will be released, or at least which quarter?

    Coinsidentially I started my Bioshock 2 “Hard” playthrough this morning! Still looks great

    • We were meant to play online on Tuesday weren’t we!? I totally forgot sorry. Will rearrange soon if your still game. I looked today and I have all online trophies except for the rank ones. Think I’m rank 16 or there abouts.

      • We had’t actually arranged anything certain, but would be good to have someone to play with! I only need 5 for my Platinum (unfortunately all will take some time)….complete the game on Hard, play an online match on each map, and 3 trophies for getting to online rank 20, 30 and 40 respectively! I’m currently rank 11 I think, and not struggling to find games at all, and their are plent of (other) noobs!

      • Good to hear, but would be good to team up too. I’ll let you know when I’m next free, might even set up a meet if there isn’t one. Would be my first ever meet so feel privilaged!!

      • Well I did comment on the already existant Bioshock 2 Meet thread…..and had zero interest. That said, there was some interest in the same thread where you said you’d be up for it. To get 97,000 ADAM (level 40) I’m aiming for 10,000 ADAM per week…so I hope Infinite isn’t released for a while!!

      • Oh i had a look for a meet but never saw it. Must have had my eyes closed.

        Hmmm I can barely remember how much ADAM you get in a round on average. Have you got the DLC? That severly tempts me.

      • Well I get about 550 ADAM for a loss, and about 1,100 for a win, so we could do with a good team!

        I have all the DLCs (3 in total I think), as does my mate, so we should also be able to get the other 3 multiplayer trophies. However, rank 50 takes a further 66,000 ADAM above the 97,000. It’s gonna be a slow grind, but I’m going for it!

      • I might purchase the DLC too then. I fancied it. Just need to get back into the game. Easier said than done with so many games on the go… U3, SR the 3rd, Dark Souls and RUSE to name a few ;)

      • Only 1 of the DLCs is for multiplayer though. That’s why I want to know Infinite’s release date, so I can do it gradually!! Hence a weekly meet would be good.

        That is quite a few. I’m slowly trying to 100% Bioshock 2, Rage & Resistance 3, and dipping in and out of MW3/BF3 multiplayer.

      • getting all dlc trophies is near impossible as all players in the lobby need to have the dlc, there is no way to search for dlc only lobbies.I’ve had the dlc from level 20ish to 40 and not played on a single dlc map, so the win a game on each dlc map trophy is pretty impossible.

      • Ah yes, but I’m determined! My brother has the DLC, as do I, as do you, as does another friend of mine! We only need 4 people to start a game of ADAM Grab. Plus we can back out of lobbies which aren’t the DLC maps! And repeat until we’ve all won on each map!

      • And I will purchase it too no doubt so easily can grab a lot of us to do it.

      • I’ve setup a proper Meet for Friday! ;) I think yogdog is up for it too!

      • sounds like a plan to me! Pm me if you get round to it, my forgetfulness is an issue!

      • Will do my friend, will do!

  3. This sounds like a ‘hardcore’ mode taken from the FPS genre. Irrational games continues to innovate.

    • I was thinking that, but kinda mixed with the hardcore mode of Fallout NV, (what with the resource planning, combat specialisations etc).

  4. This sounds rather intriguing.

  5. Has any word been given whether Infinte will have a multiplayer mode or not?

    I seem to recall someone saying no, but after really enjoying Bioshock 2’s multiplayer offering, i am hoping that i am recalling stuff i made up!

    • So Forrest, does that mean you fancy joining in on some Bioshock 2 multiplayer? It’s bloody good fun actually, it’s not like BF3 or CoD where I care about my K:D. It reminds me a lot of Team Fortress 2.

      But in answer to your question, I have no idea. I suspect it will though, Doubt they’d drop something when a) the basics are already in place and b) when there is still quite a few people playing Bioshock 2 online!

      • Well, i would mate, but unfortunately i am no longer the proud owner of Bioshock 2 – I had to sell it in times of need i am afraid, as i was desperate for HDD space & that 5GB of utility data that it was taking up was the only logical answer. :(

        It was a while ago, but i am sure it went towards something equally great! But it was a while ago, so my memory, she no’ so good. :)

      • Fair enough! I bought it for my mate preowned for £6.99 at the weekend. Little does he know nothing’s for free in this World… he has to play multiplayer with me, ha ha!

      • Good work! The best kind of present is one with a catch!! XD

        Although in this case, it is a nice catch! :)

      • Exactly, he gets to keep the game! ;)

  6. sweet, sounds like a lot of fun, im very much looking forward to another does of Bioshock.

  7. It sounds to me like it will lead to a playthrough more suited to the game. It sounds like it will add more RPG to the formula. I like that.

  8. Love the sound of this. Reminds me of Fallout:NV and thats not such a bad thing. Just another addition to my most anticipated game of 2012.

    • Like the hardcore playthrough?

  9. I like when more difficult modes actually add things other than just making enemies stronger. Good stuff. Looking forward to it.

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