More Details Released for Mortal Kombat Vita

A lot more information has been released for Mortal Kombat Vita. The good news is that in terms of content, Vita owners will be getting the entire PS3 game plus some new stuff. Graphically they have had reduce some of the polygon counts from the backgrounds and characters “but that screen is so bright, and it’s got such high pixel density it’s a surprisingly similar experience.” It’s running at 60 frames per second, too.

There are now two challenge towers, rather than one. The second has 150 challenges that take advantage of the various Vita control methods such as the touch screen and accelerometer. Speaking of touch screen, you can now pull of X-Ray moves by tapping an icon on the screen, as well as pulling off fatalities by swiping the screen in the relevant directions.


For multiplayer, there will be one-on-one matches both online and offline. What there won’t be is PS3/Vita cross-play.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. This makes Omac happy.

  2. Shame there won’t be cross play. Everything else sounds pretty awesome though!

  3. Sounds cool, but I don’t like having to buy the same game for Vita and PS3 even though they seem to have incorporated the controls for Vita well.

  4. Cool as fook. Looking forward to Vita!

  5. yeah, tapping the screen in the middle of a fight sounds really intuitive. o_O

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