Criterion Working On Something ‘Big’

Guess what? Go on. Guess. Bet you can’t. I bet you cannot guess what a games development team is doing. Go on, I’ll give you three chances to guess.

Oh. You guessed.


Yes, Criterion is working on a game and the team’s creative director, Craig Sullivan, has tweeted ‘Got lots to share over the coming months…. going to be BIG.’

Possibly Burnout, more likely to be another Need For Speed, less likely for the something ‘big’ to be a life sized replica of the Titanic built out of spam and woodlice.

Source: Twitter



  1. Big surf Island?

  2. It better not be NFS…. NO!! Burnout 6 nao!

  3. Hmmmm BIG? NFS : Boring Infuriating Game?

  4. Could BIG be a reference to the old EA BIG titles?

    • That’s the first thing that popped i to my mind.

      • EA Sports. BIG.

        Ahem. Yeah, my thoughts too, although i feel that a proper Burnout Paradise sequel is overdue

  5. Oh please be a new Burnout – That would make my year.

    • My thoughts exactly! Please a new Burnout!

      • Yes please! I was playing Paradise just the other day and even now, It’s still one of the PS3’s best racers.
        I still prefer the old style of closed off tracks and proper crash junctions though …

  6. Can’t wait.

    • So it’s a Tom Hanks simulator then. Of course.

      • christ…… they better leave out ‘The Terminal’……

    • Since when could we post images in the comments section?! ;)

    • Thank you for portraying my exact thoughts. :D

  7. I hope he is not refering to something else. ;)

    I wonder if it is a new Burnout game although considering that the last Burnout game was reduced to mini status doesn’t say much for the future of that franchise. I hope it’s not NFS:The Runs 2, you shouldn’t have eaten that burger at that service station.

    I would be surprised if it turned out to be a massive burnout, zombie, fantasy, modern day hybrid.

    • haha wow, NFS: The Run 2 would be amazing

  8. BIG is obviously Burnout: Ilford.


    (IG is the postcode for Ilford, England)

    • that would be awesome. i did see lots of supercars ‘burning’ around the other day. now it all makes sense…..

    • Racing around the Tesco car park? :P

  9. Please be Burnout

    • Please be “a proper” Burnout, I would append. Here’s hoping for a new Burnout, episode 2-4 style!
      Old school menu system, old school crash mode – that’s where it’s at.

      • Burnout Legends HD please (The PSP game, literally a best of Burnout 1-3 tracks and cars, plus a fully fledged crash mode).

      • No like Paradise. That was better than the PS2 style Burnout games imo

  10. Split/Second?

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