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Grand Theft Auto 3 And Vice City Heading To PS3

The E.S.R.B. – Early warning System for Releases, Baby! has conveniently rated Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 3) and Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation 3).

No news if these are HD remakes or the PS2 version made to run on the PS3 but whatever they are, the news has made a lot of people happy including our very own CC_Star.

“GTA3 & GTA:VC on PS3… F*** YES!!!! Don’t care for GTAV now,” he said.

Told you he was happy.

We played the recent iPad port a while back and quite liked it, but proper controls will make this a remake worth having, for sure.  We’ll let you know if Rockstar fire out any more info.

Source: ESRB


  1. awesome two very good games and vice city sound track is epic
    hope they are adding trophies


    More sites are reporting it but this site pointed out that if Sony Computer Entertainment is publisher then they may be simple PS2 classics which is slightly annoying if true.

    If they are HD games however my guess for SA not being included is that in a GTA V collector edition there will be a DL code for HD san andreas.

    I may email R*, probs won’t get a reply but meh worth a try XD.

    • I was just about to post the same thing! San Andreas and GTAV both in Los Santos, so a collectors edition thing would be amazing!

  3. Awesome news. Day one’er!

  4. More original ps2 games to ebay. I’ll get this :-)

  5. I feel that alot of people will be disapointed :S, pretty sure that this will just be ps2 classics.

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