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Grand Theft Auto 3 And Vice City Heading To PS3

The E.S.R.B. – Early warning System for Releases, Baby! has conveniently rated Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 3) and Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation 3).

No news if these are HD remakes or the PS2 version made to run on the PS3 but whatever they are, the news has made a lot of people happy including our very own CC_Star.

“GTA3 & GTA:VC on PS3… F*** YES!!!! Don’t care for GTAV now,” he said.

Told you he was happy.

We played the recent iPad port a while back and quite liked it, but proper controls will make this a remake worth having, for sure.  We’ll let you know if Rockstar fire out any more info.

Source: ESRB


  1. Awww and i just bought vice city on PC (looking for some good nostalgia)

    if its a HD remake then ill buy it again on the PS3 but that would be the only reason
    (that or online)

  2. Yes Vice City! My favourite GTA game out of them all.

  3. If it’s a remake YES,PORT meeeeeeeeeeeeh.

  4. Heard the news. Did a little wee.

  5. Best news I’ve had all day. Bring on Tommy Vercetti.

  6. As many people have said. Remake with trophies = buy. Just a port = play it on (original) Xbox instead.

  7. reading that headline actually made my balls tingle. I prey though its had the hd treatment and trophys. I bought a ps 2 a while ago and all the gta games but havent got round to it. Psn download hd with trophys I’ll happily pay 30 quid each. Or disc based with a Fantastic collectors edition

  8. How long must we wait for GTA 3 and VC?!?!?!

    • Knowing SCEE, untill the end of time. :(

      • that’s a very optimistic estimate there Steven. ^_^

  9. GTA3 will always hold a special place for me, being a landmark game in the GTA series and indeed inspiring many others along the way. I’ll never forget the first time i was chased down the street by a helicopter!
    I’ll be more interested if it’s a hd version but still interested in the standard version too.

  10. Yes please! Vice City is my favourite PS2 game of all time, so I’d be hunting that platinum. I’ve played it countless times on PS2 though, so if it’s just a re-release I’ll have to give it a miss.

    • Aww, VC is my second fav GTA & SA my first, because it was my first game on PS2 :) Still probably get VC though :

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