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Grand Theft Auto 3 And Vice City Heading To PS3

The E.S.R.B. – Early warning System for Releases, Baby! has conveniently rated Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 3) and Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation 3).

No news if these are HD remakes or the PS2 version made to run on the PS3 but whatever they are, the news has made a lot of people happy including our very own CC_Star.

“GTA3 & GTA:VC on PS3… F*** YES!!!! Don’t care for GTAV now,” he said.

Told you he was happy.

We played the recent iPad port a while back and quite liked it, but proper controls will make this a remake worth having, for sure.  We’ll let you know if Rockstar fire out any more info.

Source: ESRB


  1. F**k YEAH. Best news I’ve heard in a long while. Please, please, please be HD remakes.

    • Assume they’ll at least use the PC version assets, like the iPad version does.

      • Good shout with the PC assets, would be nice. But, the PS2 Classics on the US store are simply straight PS2 ports so I don’t hold out much hope

  2. I hope they add SA aswell, then perhaps liberty and vice city stories collection would be pretty awesome.

  3. I don’t mind… but I would still would like it to be together than just serperate, each game have progressed with new features it’ll be great too do what you could do in San Andreas in Libery and Vice City…with better controls.

  4. Please, be a HD remake.
    SCEE won’t release it otherwise.

    • *Yet

    • They wouldn’t release Monster Hunter 3 because of no trophies, (could’ve had a bit of a chance as a download even if release was doomed to fail anyway) so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did the same with PS2 ports.

  5. Sweeet. Fingers crossed for the HD remake

  6. I can’t remember III anymore, I actually thought that was VC.

    • o.0 Back in the day GTA III was the best thing since sliced bread! For me, I think III was the most revolutionary with Vice City improving on the formula

      • ^ This ^

        Me & my mate lost countless hours to GTA III & those hours were mainly spent piling up traffic & lobbing a grenade in the centre to see what chaos we could create. Ah, good times.

        I don’t think i finished the story of III (Vice was completed a few times though, so that made up for it!)!!

        That said though, i won’t be getting excited just yet as they could just be PS2 re-releases. Fingers crossed for a HD makeover with trophies, as that’s the only way i would want to play them know. Otherwise, they will just remain a fond memory.

      • Excuse the rogue ‘k’ on ‘now’ – I clearly have gone quite mental.

  7. I have no desire to play these again. I enjoyed them first time around. That’ll do for me.

  8. I pray for HD remakes but I dont think these will be.

  9. If these turn out to be HD I will eat my Vita pre-order

  10. probably emulated, but still needing to be bought again.

    despite the fact i have all five of the ps2 GTA games on disc.

    anyway, i’d prefer San Andreas.

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