Binary Domain Demo Confirmed

SEGA has announced that a playable demo for upcoming squad-based shooter, Binary Domain, will hit the Japanese PSN store on February 1st, just a few weeks before its EU release. The sample will include two stages from the game’s campaign mode and will enable Binary Domain’s voice command system.

Players will be able to direct squad-mates through vocal communication ala Mass Effect 3, though the feature isn’t Kinect exclusive. Catch the opening cutscene here (spoilers ahead!)


Hopefully we’ll have a written review in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Oooh, nice custscene. After watching I Robot and Metropolis the other day the timely arrival of more Binary Domain news has definitely peaked my interest!

  2. I think this is something I played at Eurogamer last year. If so, I didn’t like it heh

    • It might well have been – It was there in playable form at least.

      • I seem to recall it being set on top of a building? Maybe? lol. I suppose the demo will refresh my memory

      • Dunno – Didn’t actually play it myself tbh, as I had bigger fish to fry that day!

        I seem to recall seeing something along the lines of a shootout on top a building though ,so likelihood is that you are spot on.

  3. This game looks terrific, if the demo is good… i might preorder it.

  4. Yes looking forward to it.

  5. see ea, you can do voice commands without kinect, if you’re not lazy. >_<

    • The original SOCOM still has the best voice commands imo. I remember feeling like a proper solider when I played that game all those years ago lol.

  6. Cool video, i’m cautiously optimistic for this.

  7. looks like a shitty gears wanna be to me

  8. Was reading about this in Edge recently, it definitely interests me.
    I like the art style and the loyalty system.
    Could bring something different to the stagnant waters of shooterdom.

  9. waiting for gearbox to pull their finger out takes AGES, hur hur

  10. erm wrong article >remembers adding comments after just waking up is a bad idea<

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