Ryder White DLC Gets Launch Trailer

The guys at Techland really know how to put a decent trailer together, don’t they? Though not quite as remarkable as last year’s Dead Island debut, (which left us rather speechless) the promo for an upcoming expansion centred around antagonist Ryder White is still packed with enough action and intriguing narrative to keep you occupied for a couple of minutes.



As the trailer denotes, you take the helm as Colonel White against the infected hordes of Banoi with a number of new weapons. The DLC campaign is said to last for “several hours” and will be available from February 1st at a respectable £7.99/800 MSP.



  1. nice day one buy for me.

  2. Looks pretty good but will probably be the same as the main game = boring and repetitive.

    • Off topic but got the Juggler trophy – what a bastard!

      The trailer is superbly put together, very nice! Will hopefully be a bit different to the main game, maybe more gun orientated!

      • Seriously I hate you now :P HOW?
        Really dont know what it is with Dead Island and me, it completely lost it’s appeal to me when I entered the city. Would have preferred the whole game to be on the resort. They do make good trailers but in the end they can only disappoint

      • I quite liked Dead Island, was a bit poo towards the end though. Great fun 3 or 4 player co-op!!

        Well Juggler was stupid – I must have done it 30 times but the count under the Extras menu only showed 2 of 4. Then the last 2 seemed to actually take about 10 times!! You need to try and get a single Grim (so others don’t cause him to smash when frozen), the freeze him. As he defrosts fire the poison gun thing (secondary fire), then as it starts to puke, shoot the shotguns secondary fire or throw a Molotov. Repeat 4 times. Best place is New York, then right at the begining of the Subway section. You can get 1 Grim to seperate from the rest. You will probably actually do it 40 times!!!

      • I’ve got one of them, so only 3 left then for juggler so not as bad as I thought. How about just getting finding a few grims then kill them all until one left and try then. For Medusa how to you aim your cryogun secondary fire for all 5. I seem to freeze 5 but the blast only destroys two or three.

      • Thats what I did, killed a few until one was left. Just make sure the last one hasn’t already taken too much damage.
        For Medusa, I just got lucky that 5 were so close together. You might just have to die at that pipe section until you get loads very close together. I can always show you on Sunday worst case scenario.

      • Thanks for the advice, should get it Saturday sometime. Those two left plus Intel and Superhuman and the plat is mine. Once we have done the campaign go back on first level and Ill go done loads for you and shoot the same people :P

      • Ok thanks mate, I managed to pick up about 6 trophies tonight. Would be nice to Plat it together at the end of our Superhuman playthrough. Will see what other trophies I can grab over the weekend!! :)

      • ok then Ill find a suitable place where I can die and you can revive me safely over and over again :)

  3. Emotion in Dead Island? :O It looks average imo. I wonder if White will be able to defend himself much easier due to his training and not end up playing like a untrained person?

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