DiRT Showdown First Gameplay Video

Codemasters have posted the first work-in-progress gameplay footage taken from DiRT Showdown, an aracde-ish spin off of the DiRT franchise.

The Nevada 8 Ball trailer is set in the sun baked Nevada desert and features a variety vehicles jostling for position whilst making jumps and smashing into each other.


‘Pyrotechnics, lasers and thousands of fans give each venue a vibrant sports entertainment atmosphere, with the player taking centre stage,’ say Codemasters.

The game will feature – woohoo! – split-screen multiplayer! Plus eight-player online racing, on and off-line quick-fire party games and YouTube integration and will hit the shelves this May.

Source: YouTube



  1. Get beyond the fact that this should have been named something other than DiRT and it might actually be good fun.

    • Yes they should of used a better name. Howsabout….. Motorstorm? :D

      • ha ha – Dirty Motorstorm

      • Destruction Derby, how about that?

      • Yeah I was thinking it looked more like this gens Destruction Derby.

  2. Well, it’s not the rally game i wanted but damn it, it reminds me of the fun i used to have playing destruction derby. Perhaps it’s the fact that this time there’s no pretence of rally that makes this game appeal to me more..
    No, wait, i just remembered there’s going to be gymkhana in this … bugger that..i’m out. :(

  3. Is this not exactly the same demolition derby mode that they had on Race Driver:GRID? Defo giving this a miss.

    • Exactly This was like in GRID. Why can’t they make GRID2 (-_-)
      GRID = Brilliant game with great vehicles.
      DiRT Showdown = DLC (in my opinion)
      Will keep an eye out for this.

  4. It should probably have been called Gymkhana showdown, but the Dirt name will be the seller. It’s interesting to see that they are releasing the Dirt3 complete package in March with all of the DLC included for around £25 and then this title in May ! It figures though why they haven’t bundled all of the Dirt3 DLC into a cheap package before now on the store, which is what I’ve been waiting for!!

    • I’m equally puzzled about why there hasn’t been a Dirt 3 DLC bundle so far on the PSN. I haven’t bought any of the DLC for it yet as IMHO it’s a bit overpriced, but I’d snap up a bundle deal straight away!!

  5. I hope they make a rally-only version of DiRT after this, gymkhana doesn’t interest me.

  6. looks like a Destruction Derby/Motorstorm rip off to me! Its about time they blew dirt out and did another race driver grid.

  7. Seen a vid of this on YouTube last week and wasn’t impressed.

  8. Great fun. Looks like a hybrid of Destruction Derby and Rally Cross (PS1, I think). Wonderful fun. Hope the courses lend themselves to pure carnage. :-)

    • I’m on the soundtrack to Rally Cross on the PS1 :)

  9. Looks as if it could be fun. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

  10. Just announce GRID2!!!

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