Aliens: Colonial Marines ‘Contact’ Trailer

The release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines seems to have settled down in its new Autumn slot and to celebrate the team has released a new CGI trailer for the game.

The new minute long video shows us CGI marines, CGI Aliens and a CGI Alien Queen.


It’s quite surprising that after spending so many years on the game, and mere weeks away from the original(ish) release date, we are still being shown CGI trailers rather than chunks of gameplay. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

Source: YouTube



  1. Replace the word “surprising” with “worrying” and you have hit the nail on the head I think!!

    • Agreed, I really want this to be good but “I’ve got a bad feeling about this drop!”

  2. There already is a pretty long gameplay video which looks amazing. This trailer does look more like an announcment teaser rather than a game that is close to release though.

  3. *gibberish*
    I know I said I would stay away from these topic. But I couldn’t help it.
    That looks brilliant will check gameplay videos in a few months

  4. It may just be a CGI trailer, but it’s a pretty wicked CGI trailer.

  5. Ok might be just me but, the cgi in the video does not look great at all. It has that horrible plastic look!

  6. Pretty disappointing trailer, but still very very excited for the game. Just, hurry up and release it!

  7. Normally, i prefer the CGI stuff as it imo, helps to show the style that the game is going for but seeing as there has not been a single gameplay trailer, i’m starting to worry if they have done a bad job of it and are ashamed of it thus trying to hide it by delaying it untill the end of time.

    Hopefully, it will be a case where it’s worth the wait. If it’s another DNF, then i may have to stop trusting Gearbox when they keep delaying things. :S Actually, i think if they do continue it, we should start calling it the new Duke Nukem Forever.

  8. Isn’t that soundtrack from Moon?

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