WeView: Bulletstorm

[drop2]I threw up the bat signal yesterday to see what people wanted to discuss for this week’s WeView and there were a couple of really good suggestions. I decided to go with Bulletstorm for selfish reasons, which are always my favourite. I’m interested in hearing what people thought of People Can Fly and Epic’s crass, balls-out blaster because I was personally quite surprised by it.

I was expecting something immature, dumb and more than a little strained. And I got it. Fortunately, I was also lucky enough to find my way through some very silly dialogue to an interesting take on the FPS with a couple of new mechanics that freshened things up a bit. Here’s an extract from my review way back at the end of February last year:

Bulletstorm is the spiritual successor to Duke Nukem, although using the word “spiritual” with regards to the Duke or Gray Hunt goes against our better judgement. It’s not just the frequent and necessary use of your boot that harks back to the Duke either, it’s the wisecracks – in as much as they are – and the setting. Mutant aliens infesting an entertainment complex while a wisecracking, foul mouthed meathead stomps and shoots his way through swathes of them. So far, so Duke.

There, that’s me quoting me… which is either very meta or a little bit sad. Either way, just re-reading the review I wrote almost a year ago is making me want to go back into the brash, over-saturated world of Bulletstorm and shoot some dickfaces in the ballsack. Or something. Ah yes, the dialogue. I said this about it in the review:

The dialogue is awful. It’s delivered well, believable and confident but it sounds like it was written by a thirteen-year-old boy who doesn’t quite understand what those words mean. We’re certainly no prudes here and would rarely object to a well aimed curse word but in Bulletstorm they are neither well aimed, nor often intelligible.

To their enormous credit, this is an issue that People Can Fly later picked out themselves as something they wish they’d addressed more fully but I read plenty of people who praised the devil-may-care disregard for language as ironic. I’d love to hear what you think.

So, go ahead and throw your thoughts down in the comments below. Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like and what you remember best about Gray Hunt’s journey into a mutant-infested personal hell. Don’t forget to add the words BUY IT, RENT IT, AVOID IT or BARGAIN BIN IT to your mini review so we can tally the totals for next Monday’s round up post.

Go on then, bum-munchers, get stuck in.



  1. Grabbed this for 98p from Morrisons. =)

    • B******
      I got it on Day one

    • i don’t think my local Morrisons ever got the memo about the 98p games.

      at least i never saw any of them. i would have picked this up at that price.

  2. Suprisngly brilliant – apart from the mother clunking dialogue which reaches new levels of crassness in the last episode or two when a certain character turns up. Every other funking word starts with eff. Needed a decent script editor.

  3. Without generalising too much, modern day FPS’ are boring and repetitive. Bulletstorm on the otherhand takes most of the conventions that make FPS’ so dreadful and dropkicks them into a nearby cactus while spouting numerous F-bombs and controlling a giant robotic dinosaur. Feeling like a hybrid of Duke Nukem 3D and SSX, the game features lots of varied environments, a non-existant storyline, plenty of foul language and an addictive scoring system. In short, its awesome and would have only been better had it featured campaign co-op. It’s also under £10 these days. BUY IT!

  4. I avoided this when it was released, just didn’t think it would be my cuppa. I was wrong. I picked it up cheap before xmas and found it a very enjoyable FPS campaign, kind of reminded me of DNF in places. A good looking game with some good weapons and environment kills along the way. BUY IT!

  5. Got this game on release and was not disappointed. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything with a deeper meaning. Sometimes I just want to please my inner 13 year old immature self that somehow stuck with me as I got older and this game hit the nail on the head. It’s also a fresh take on the somewhat stale FPS genre and People Can Fly proved that they know what they are doing with Painkiller.
    The story is linear and uninspired but in this case it doesn’t even matter because it’s all about the weapons, ammunition and combos. After playing Bulletstorm I was actually bored by other FPS games that I played afterwards because I couldn’t be as creative with my kills.
    Bulletstorm was actually fun enough for me to give the multiplayer component of the game a try and I invested probably as much time in that as I did in the singleplayer, which for me hasn’t been the case in ages.

    my verdict: buy it

  6. After ploughing a lot of time into Dark Souls, Deus Ex and LA Noire, I needed a change of pace and picked this up for cheap just before Christmas. It’s immature, loud, offensive, and just what I needed for a change of pace after the last few games I had played. Leave your brain at the door and get ready for some childish fun and cheap laughs. Buy it!

  7. Opm said this is the best fps available on ps3, game it 10/10 and it sits above cod and battlefield in their top 50. Because of that I was intruiged and put it on my lovefilm list, but I wasn’t expecting too much from it. What it delivered was pure fun, no though needed just play, have fun, enjoy yourself, pull off some stupid kills. Special mention has to go to the awesome sniper rifle where you take control of the bullet in-flight and guide it towards its target. I really enjoyed it for a single playthrough. I’d definitely say its worth a play and since its so damn cheap now, buy it. Fun fun fun.

  8. Bulletstorm was, for me, the biggest surprise of 2011. While it sounds crass and loud, is was actually an intelligent shooter. Do you like headshots? 50 points if you get one. How about kicking a guy off a 200m ledge to the ground? Another 50 points! But what if you cut him in half with a quad-barrelled shotgun while sliding before he get fired off the ledge? 200 points! It was, and still is, a perfect example that a shooter can be both AND intelligent, without having to be a military shooter. And colourful too. Also, there isn’t a single weapon in the game you won’t want to miss, to see just what crazy idea you can do with it.

    A 100% BUY IT from me.

  9. Picked it up from morrisons for a fiver & I was pleasantly surprised, great FUN game. Buy it for sure ;)

  10. Bought it on release mostly for the Gears 3 beta aspect.Didn’t expect much after reading the reviews but i ended up loving it.Just fun,no pretensions or aspirations.
    I remember thinking at the time the cursing wasn’t that bad but then they introduced the female character:),i can see why some complained but it actually gave me quite a laugh.
    Eldave0 mentions the T-Rex level which was a real stand out for me to.
    At the price it is now i’d have to say 100% buy.This and Fear 3 remain my favorite and most original Fps’s of last year.

    • Was Fear 3 that good? I haven’t played it, but the hype for it seemed to die out immediately after it got released. A week later & no-one on my friends list seemed to be playing it anymore.

      • I really enjoyed it forrest yeah,it was completely different to the first 2 but had a great single player/coop campaign.
        Playing as Fettel was inspired imo,no guns but you could possess the enemy and do all sorts of psychic stuff.
        Besides the coop campaign though multiplayer wasn’t much cop which may explain why no ones playing it much.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it though for single player as it did things alot differently to whats expected from an Fps now and it’s dirt cheap these days.

      • Yeah, that’s really why i asked (always a hidden agenda!) – I have seen it for around £15 in a few places recently & wondered whether it was worth a punt or not.

        What you have said certainly sounds interesting. :)

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