Xbox Want Your Feedback

Xbox have contacted us (and a small number of other sites) to poll our readers for their feedback on the console and – more importantly – how you perceive it in terms of offering ‘more than games’.

The survey takes a good fifteen minutes or so, but if you have the time the link is here.


We’ve been told there’s a chance to win a prize although we’re not currently sure what that might be, we’ll chase it up and edit this post once we get more information.

Again, this is completely optional (and confidential) – but if you can spare the time I’m sure they’d appreciate it.



  1. Dear Xbox,
    Please stop with the useless extras you throw in with every firmware update. If I wanted to log into Facebook I’d use my computer. This may come as a shock but I actually bought your console to play games. That reminds me, release more games (and not just Kinect shovelware, they dont count)

    P.s. Shoot the person who designed the latest Dashboard update, he’s clearly a lost cause.

    Lots of love,

    • That’s great an’ all but you need to do that in their survey ;)

    • I much prefer the latest dash mate,hated the last one with a passion but i can happily ignore most of the bollocks on it now.
      Btw do kill the fker who makes me sit through a photo sensitivity warning every time i turn on my ps3,i put a game in and another warning,bloody momzers all over my boot up.

      • LOL yes I hate that too.
        As for the 360 dash I don’t know why they didn’t just stick with the original one back in 2006. Everything was logically placed and you had just a couple of menus to choose from instead of the clusterf**k that we have now heh

  2. and there wasn’t a single question asking if i was planning on buying car insurance anywhere.
    it, SHOCK HORROR, was actually about gaming, or rather the consoles and their online services.

  3. Survey done… Should probably get back to work!

  4. Might be arsed to do this if they could actually get *their* arse in gear and help those who are having troubles with the recent hacking on xBox…

  5. I had a few minutes to kill, so why not?

    I even answered truthfully, rather than doing my normal online survey trick of trying to be at either end of the Bell curve :P

    • You’re a bell curve, now what was the tune to funky town?

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