PlayStation Store Having Problems

I have just been trying to get this week’s goodies off the PSN and so far I have had twelve ‘Lost connection with server’ messages and two ‘The system is undergoing maintenance’ messages.

A quick shout to our loyal readers and TSBoneyman, Jones81, Crazy Del, TomHLord, Teflon and hol666 are all experiencing the same problems.


Online Support Co-ordinator for the English PlayStation Community, RabidWalker, has said this is down to ‘congestion’, so it may be worth holding off your downloads for a few hours.



  1. Well my Wipeout HD have dissapeared… Can’t even find it on my download list.

    • And when I click on my game in the XMB it’s just saying: An imported file is missing to run the game.

      • Check the forum, I had the same issue a few weeks back.

      • Yeah, I’ve still got the issue. You’ve gotta contact Sony Customer support

      • good luck with that, you’ll need it.

      • Other than it taking a week to get a call back, Sony support were excellent. Knew exactly what my issue was and solved it without too much effort on my part. The number to call is: 0844 736 0595

  2. I would try again tomorrow but we all know it’s weekly maintenance time tomorrow, so I’ll wait until the weekend :(

  3. I’m having the same issues. Glad it’s not just me.

  4. And i thought it was my PSPgo being aloof again.

  5. Yep I’m having the same problem, although it did last long enough for me to grab twisted metal.

    • Same here, hopefully it won’t effect the background download.

  6. “Congestion” sounds a bit iffy. Starting some pre-maintenance work perhaps?

  7. For once I’m glad to be on early shift and up at 0430. No congestion then!

  8. Yeah I told TC my store wasn’t updated and only had last week update until around 11pm I finally downloaded Twisted Metal and Syndicate demos was planning to play them yesterday but 11pm?!?!

    Don’t know what happened there thought it was just me as I got disconnected 4 times yesterday and PS3 froze within an hour of these problems!

  9. Managed to get my download going for TM as soon as I got home but the store died on mine before I could start the GCI beta. Fortunatley TM carried on downloading and only took about an hour or so to complete, which coinsidently was the same amount of time it took me to play the Asura’s Wrath demo >:D

  10. I’ve given up trying to download from the store when I get home from work on update day, it always seems slower.

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