MotorStorm RC Shows Off With Competitive Online Play

MotorStorm RC looks like one of those games that is just going to be perfect for the Vita. It has distilled the racing experience into short bursts that should suit portable gaming and the developers are promising snappy load times and accessible gameplay too.

What would a modern racing game be without a competitive angle though? Step up MotorStorm RC’s competitive online mode, as shown off in the video below. It’s looking really great and we can’t wait for it to arrive on the PSN at the Vita’s launch on the 22nd of February.


We’ve also heard that there’s likely to be a demo around launch, so that’ll help fill up your freshly unpackaged Vitas!

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Damn Ubisoft blocked the video. Surely they should be far too busy changing the servers around…

  2. Yeah, really cool. There’s no actual ‘live’ multiplayer but this is almost as good IMO. That’s the track I’ve been playing, too, can’t wait to post some times.

    • i would say it’s nowhere near as good personally.

    • But it does mean that it’ll work on 3G just as well as wifi.

      • i get that it makes it quick and easy and all that, but this should have been included in addition to a proper multiplayer mode, not instead of it?

        the 3g vita will support wifi as well right?

        this mode for when you’re out and about using 3g, and full mutliplayer for when you’re in range of a wifi hotspot.
        even mcdonalds have free wifi these days.

        there has to be more to this than just 3g limitations or anything like that, maybe sony didn’t get the online tools out to their developers in time.
        i can’t believe both their launch racers are without online multiplayer because they thought it would take too long to play or it’s an overused feature.

      • Wipeout 2048?

  3. I love the idea of the different coloured cars ahead of you – I’ve always wondered how certain players can finish a track so quickly and now I’ll get to see how! Looks ace.

  4. Really like the look of this, kind of like Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing on the Megadrive but with Autolog, what’s not to like?

    • Especially given that it works flawlessly with PS3 and Vita, so you can set a time at home and then try to beat it during your lunch hour at work.

      • I hope you don’t have to do some tedious “transfarring” for that to work.

    • More RC Grand Prix actually, forgot about the weapons in Rock ‘n’ Roll

  5. Looks cracking, like a healthy mix of Motorstorm, Micro Machines, ssrpabc and Tony Hawk.

    My PSN Wallet is going to be hammered when Vita makes its way to me.

  6. Wasn’t that interested until I saw the trailer – looks great fun! Reminds me of Skidmarks on the MegaDrive. I miss racing Cows.

  7. No word on pricing yet?

    • It’s less than a fiver (£4.85 i think, give or take a few pence) :D

  8. I actually love that idea.
    Would have liked some proper competitive synchronous multiplayer too though.

    Wipeout is still very much to ‘go-to’ racer for me, although this looks like a very good game.
    Any idea on the price? Budget PSN Price, Premium PSN Price (what I expect) or Full Retail PSN Price?

  9. TBH I think this suits a portable much better.

  10. Looks pretty good actually was bit unsure until i just watched that! not a first day buy but im definatly intrested now for sure

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