The Last Story Trailer Shows Us The Characters

An EU localised trailer has been released for Wii RPG, The Last Story. Due out here at the end of this month, the latest trailer introduces a handful of the characters, despite barely a word being spoken.

From what we’ve seen so far the game looks great, although it has yet to be confirmed for North America.

Source: YouTube



  1. Really want this game, just not sure its worth getting it day of release given Catherine and FFXIII-2 come out that month as well.

    • and by “that month” I mean “this month” lol

      • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is also coming out on the 10th of this month. Hasn’t gotten much media coverage but it seems like a really interesting RPG with an open world mentality.

      • Not to mention Darkness II, Jak & Daxter HD collection, Twisted Metal and Syndicate among others this month … then it just gets all kinds of silly heading in to March.

        Now big releases are starting to surface again, hopefully I’ll be able to afford last Autumn’s big hitters! :D

      • Damn, forgot about Darkness2 and Syndicate lol. I’d imagine those games won’t sell too well as they are FPS’ that aren’t generic and military based. I would imagine by about May/June you will be able to get both games together for around £40.

        I keep telling myself Catherine will fail too becauase its a bit (read: very) different and again will probably drop in price quickly, but I’ve waited too long to get a copy of that game already lol!

      • @KeRaSh, I can’t say I’ve heard of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Been looking for a decent RPG for a while after feeling a bit letdown by Skyrim (hence me thinking about getting FFXII-2). I’ll read up about it, thanks! :)

      • Try the demo for KoA, I think it was available last week. I liked it in spite of a distinct lack of polish (shiny … uh, ness, I mean, not the countrymen of Poland. lol).

      • ROFL ok I’ll check it out :D

      • Check out the thread in the Gaming Forum. I’ve posted a link to IGN’s in depth preview.

  2. Don’t know how, but I managed to read “Last of US”.

  3. Looks very good and I’ll keep my eye on it.
    Strange that the Wii seems to offer the EU preferential treatment … Xenobade Chronicles isn’t out here in the US yet!

    • I reckon its Nintendo saying sorry after how they treated the EU during the Gamecube era lol. My favourite console of all time but god it was hard to get games for it! So many delays, etc and when they finally came out over here they were always in really short supply. I remember my local GAME store got 2 copies of RE4 day of release and no more arrived for well over 2months!

      • You might be on to something there. I’d forgotten how hard it was to get games for it back then, but then again it led to finding some real gems because while I struggling to find what I wanted, I was willing to try anything in the meantime. :D

        Now I’m over in the US, my local Gamestop still has a full shelf dedicated to Gamecube!

      • Haha yeah I did the same. I didn’t really follow the gaming industry back then (aside from maybe one GamesMaster mag every 6 months) so I ended up picking up a lot of random £10 games with no idea if they would be any good or not. Sure some of them were crap but I also ended up playing the likes of Viewtiful Joe, Killer7, Eternal Darkness and others :)

        Awesome console, still have my ‘day of release’ purple console, all the Resident Evil games and Mario Kart Double Dash :)

  4. Preordered limited edition as soon as I could and eagerly awaiting its release.
    Still have FFXIII-2 on the way, but not bothering with syndicate on release, maybe after price drop.
    Then there’s SSX.

    Oh, we still have Pandora’s Tower to go on the Wii as well.

    • The limited edition is a thing of beauty. Can’t believe how low the price tag is tbh

  5. Sakaguchi and Uematsu is enough to convince me to buy this. The FF dream team back together again xD

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