The SoulCalibur Impact Tournament Announced

To celebrate the release of SoulCalibur V today, Namco Bandai have announced the SoulCalibur Impact tournament, with the European tournament, with the inclusion of PAL territories like Singapore & Australia,  starting on February 8th  at the Straf Hotel in Milan, Italy.

Similar tournaments will be held across Europe. The winners of these local tournaments will fight it out at the Grand Final in London.  The full list of dates and locations is below.

  • Italy – February 8th at the Straf Hotel in Milan
  • Denmark –start on the 11th of February (Online tournament in partnership with Gamereactor)
  • Norway –start on the 11th of February (Online tournament in partnership with Gamersparadise)
  • Finland – February 11th at Katariinankatu 18 in Pori
  • Sweden – February 18th at the Gamer Meetup in Stockholm
  • Switzerland – February 18th at the Club Block in Zurich
  • Russia – February 19th at MediaMarkt in Moscow
  •  Germany – February 25th at the Kolner Jugendpark in Koln
  •  Poland – February 25th at the Lucid Club in Warsaw
  • Portugal – February 25th , online tournament
  • Spain – February 25th at the HUB Madrid in Madrid
  • Singapore – March 3rd at [email protected] in Singapore
  • France – March 10th in Paris (in partnership with FNAC)
  • Netherlands – March 10th at the Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam
  • Belgium – March 10th at  Utopolis in Mechelen
  • United Kingdom – March 17th at St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill in London (including European Final)

The winner of the European Final will win £1000 and a replica Soul Edge trophy. If you wish to register your interest in competing in the tournament just click here.

If you’re not sure about SoulCalibur V, why not read Kris’ review of the title.

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  1. Sadly I hate fighting games and I’m rubbish at them. They should do this more for all games though, no reason why there can’t be a cod world championship etc.

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