PS Vita Gets Mac OS Support, Maps and Video Recording In Firmware 1.6

The PlayStation Vita is getting another firmware update this week, taking the portable’s system software to version 1.6.

The update will include a new ‘Map’ application on the LiveArea homepage, and will allow the ‘Photo’ application to record video (it was previously limited to stills).


In addition, Sony have ported the Content Manager tool to the Mac, so that non-PC owners can start to get in on the action of copying and backing up their Vitas.

The Map tool, at least in Japan, is powered by Google – let’s hope the software appears on European models too.

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  1. Seems to be a feature set that should have been on-board at launch, but better late than never, I suppose.

    I wonder which version of the firmware the Vita I pick up on the 22nd will be running?

    • I hope they’ve fixed the weird loop you find yourself in when you first get one. It asks you to update, but you can’t do that without a PSN account, but you can’t use your existing PSN account without updating first…

      You have to create a temporary dummy account to update, then delete it and revert to your normal PSN (SEN?) one. It’s really offputting.

      • Blimey, that’s awkward!

      • Wait, what?
        Typical Sony…
        As if I don’t already have too many accounts…

        Yeah, I hope they fix that too.

      • And hope it fixes that power on bug you’ve been having Nofi?

      • That is poop. That’s a pretty fundamental QA item, surely.

      • Thought they fixed the loop bug with v1.5 software?

      • That loop bug sounds like a ploy for Sony to be able to say they’ve got yet more people signing up with the already ridiculously high number of account holders.

      • Sony, always thinking of everything. It seems if its not Devs getting sloppy, its now Sony.

  2. This sounds good, and quite possibly pushed through ahead of the EU launch!

  3. Don’t forget that the power button now lights up blue when you charge your psvita :P

    • And when you turn it on o get a notification!

      • That’s not the power button, that’s the “Home” button on the face of the machine. The power button is on the top of the device, just next to the game card port, and has no lights or anything. It’s just the same colour as the rim.

    • really? It currently lights up orange while it’s charging and then switches off when it’s done. To be honest, the Vita’s PS button lights up for weird things and flashes a bit more often than it seems to have reason to. I don’t really understand what any of the multiple flashing LEDs mean around the edge of my 3DS either.

  4. Mac OS support!! Good job I was sitting down, I’ve only been asking for this since the birth of the PSP!
    Could Sony actually be starting to listen to their customers? Well done! roll on 22nd.

    • I thought Media Go… supported Mac?


      • It doesn’t use Media Go. With the Vita, it’s the Vita browsing your computer not the other way around.

    • This isn’t really equivalent. There’s still no Media Go for Mac, and all this does is provide driver support on your computer, so that the Vita can access the computer’s files. All file and data management is handled on the Vita itself (similarly to, but superseding how the PS3 handles all its data, and bosses around PSPs).

      This was also announced to be in the works for the US/EU launches, but just that it wasn’t quite ready for the Japanese launch.

      • To explain the “access the computer’s files” a bit better, it’s not unbridled access to your computer. The Content Manager application sets where the Vita is allowed to look, and for what.
        So you set a path to where you music, videos, where the Vita will put backups (obviously, laced with encryption), etc. etc. all where the Vita is allowed to go.

  5. Wait, so i can record maps now?!?


  6. I thought it would have video recording from the start but the mac support is good news.

    • It is from the start for everyone outside of Japan.

  7. Still in two minds about trading in my old PSP3000 for a Vita. I think I really should wait until all the bugs are ironed out first.

  8. it will keep getting better thank god for firmware updates.

  9. Awesome! Can’t wait till the 22nd :D

  10. Any news on an updated browser?

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