The Darkness II Trailer Shows Off Executions

A new trailer has been released for The Darkness II, showing off some of the brutal executions you can expect to be doing throughout the game.

Some of the ones I’ve encountered really have been bloody with decapitations, bodies being split in two and…well, I’ll leave you to find out the rest.


Our review is being written right now, so look out for that tomorrow when the embargo lifts.

Source: YouTube



  1. I’ve just watched this at work, tee hee! Please someone make a new happy game.

  2. Im just hoping for DLC that reskins the tentacles as.. ahem.

  3. Cannot wait to read the review but the game is already on pre-order ^^
    Roll on Friday!

  4. Really enjoyed the demo, loved the feel of the gun mechanics and how powerful you feel as the character. Definitely getting this :).

  5. It looks good. I can see myself enjoying this. I’ve yet to download the demo but i think i will wait for TSA’s review before making my mind up about this. :)

  6. This looks class. Heading off topic slightly but can anyone download demos and what not from the PSN? I can’t for some reason when i click download it goes to a page that just say’s continue shopping, anyone else having this problem?

  7. So the executions we see on the demo are the only ones available? :/

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